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Thread: Can we keep on playing?

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    Can we keep on playing?

    I've won an instant win prize $25.00 on Betty Crocker's Dinner's On Us.
    Rules state there is only one instant win prize allowed. There is a separate (same sweepstake) category for a grand prize sweepstake. Can one keep playing, trying for the grand prize? I've noticed this type in other contests and never sure what to do. Thanks for your input.

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    : Can we keep on playing?

    some sweeps allow to enter the sweep but not play the IW part it really depends on how the sponsor logs an entry in there system?

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    : Can we keep on playing?

    Here's my thought. On the initial screen, you can sign in with your email address and birthday. That should continue to enter you for the Grand Prize. Don't go any further. Since you already won the Instant game (Congrats, BTW!) you don't want to disqualify yourself. Good luck!

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    : Can we keep on playing?

    I always check the wording in the rules when I win an IW. Most of the time, it's limit 1 IW prize per (as this sweeps is) so I drop it so I don't DQ myself. If it's limit 1 IW prize per HH, I delete it from all 3 of our bookmarks. But as I said, that's me.

    The good news on this sweeps is:

    In the event that a potential winner of a Grand or First Prize is disqualified for any reason, Sponsor will award the applicable prize to an alternate winner by random drawing from among all remaining eligible entries. There will be three (3) alternate drawings after which the prize will remain unawarded.

    But, The bad news on this sweeps is:

    Unclaimed Second Prizes will not be awarded.

    If a sweeps will award ALL Unclaimed prizes, and the only way to keep entering for the GP is through the IW I could see keeping it, but otherwise, I wouldn't.

    But as GSW notes, you DON'T have to play to enter - so it should be no problem :smt004

    Just check the rules on each when this situation arises - and as always, you can ask for help on interpreting those rules :smt002 :smt003 :smt004
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