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Thread: How to Unjoin?To rejoin with...

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    How to Unjoin?To rejoin with...

    :smt006 Hi there! I just joined yesterday and got to thinking that I really should use a seperate email address for online sweepstaking.So,maybe i'm lookin right past it,but I don't see where to go to unjoin???

    Any help much appreciated :smt001

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    : How to Unjoin?To rejoin with...

    Good morning and welcome to SA! If you already have an alternate email address set up, you can PM the Admin who can change your registration information. However, the email address that you use to register here is only used for this site. When you enter sweeps, you need to click in to each one separately to enter it. You do not need to use the same email address that you used to register on SA.

    This can all be a bit overwhelming at first. Please continue to ask questions and we'll do our best to answer them. Happy sweeping!

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    : How to Unjoin?To rejoin with...

    :smt006 Welcome!!!

    GSW is right, at first this is all a little overwhelming. But, in time, it will be a piece of cake.

    We are all here should you have any questions. Also, we have a live help feature. If you see Click for Live Help on the bottom of your screen someone is available to help you.

    Good luck. Hope to see you posting in the winners circle soon.

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    : How to Unjoin?To rejoin with...

    :smt001 Thanks to both of you for your responses.I think what i'll do is pm administrator because I want to change my email and use the nickname that goes with that email address,easier to remember.Must be my age,but simple is better in my opinion.

    Thanks again

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