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Thread: What do they mean by "automatic entries"?

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    What do they mean by "automatic entries"?


    I don't use roboform. I use google chrome and that automatically fills in my name, etc. when I fill in my daily sweeps.

    My question is...

    In the rules on one of my daiys it says "no automatic or programmed entries will be accepted"!!! So, is this going to disqualify me? Does anyone here know how to disable google chrome from filling in my info?

    Thank you all kindly!

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    You're fine.

    Google autofill & Roboform are form fillers, not entry services. Incidentally, autofill comes with the Google Tool Bar and it's not necessary to use Google Chrome to get it. I used autofill with Microsoft IE for years before I switched to Roboform

    Entry services typicallly charge you a fee for which they'll enter you in sweepstakes. The sponsors and promoters of many sweepstakes aren't happy about this so they've started using captchas and rule restrictions to prevent it. Sweeps are a form of advertising. Where is the value to a sponsor if your entry is made by a third party and you never visit the Company website?

    Here's a link for an explanation of Entry Serviices:
    Can Automatic Sweepstakes Services Help Me Win More?

    ps: You can Google "sweepstakes entry services" to find other explanations.

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    rebekahvioletsunshine - curmudgeon covers it very well - as usual!

    There is more info here:
    Quote Originally Posted by amyshulk View Post

    It's a form filler, nothing more. Most sponsors get that and don't consider robo "automatic entry" - they are referring to "bots" or programs that enter FOR you.


    A "bot" is an automated program that can be used for manipulating numerous email addresses, often for purposes of fraud. Sometimes cheaters write scripts that enter contests multiple times using many different email addresses for one person. The existence of bots is one reason why so many sweepstakes sites use "Captcha" code (words, letters, or numbers that you have to type in), so that they can make it difficult for non-humans to enter.

    However, some do say it is a macro, and therefore not allowed. Every person has to make the decision for themselves on whether or not to use Robo.

    Roboform's site:

    Best Password Manager & Form Filler | RoboForm

    Roboform's FAQ:

    RoboForm Frequently Asked Questions

    How to Use RoboForm in Sweepstakes:

    Sweepstakes Entries with RoboForm Password Manager

    SUPPORT by email: [email protected]
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    You guys are awesome! Thank you so much for your help and information. I really appreciate it!

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