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Thread: Text win?

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    Text win?

    I got a text today that said: Congratulations! You have won tickets to the Bahamas. Please call and there was a number with a 305 area code. I think it's spam and I don't intend to call. Anybody else get this? I rarely enter trip contests so I'm thinking I got on a call list.

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    I would put the phone number into google and see what it comes up with. I do that a lot with telemarketer calls and what not. Usually sites will have a few pages of nothing but people saying it's spam: wanting CC info to process and other personal info. But you might find that it is a legitimate company (if you remember entering a giveaway from them)

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    Sounds fishy, but could be legit. 305 is Miami, where a lot of trips to the Bahamas originate from. (I live down here). But then again, that is a rather vague text message, and why wouldn't they call or email?

    For your sake I hope it turns out to be the real deal!

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    I can't recall entering a contest for a Bahamas trip. Typically, for grand prizes, they call or email you. I also got a text from the HHGregg sweeps I entered trying to get me to sign up for more offers. Thanks for your advice!

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    Welll... did you end up calling?

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