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Thread: Are you on a winners list - How to set up a Google alert

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    Re: Are you on a winners list

    Thank you so much for this... I have been a member of various forums for my various interests, but this forum is absolutely wonderful. I have never "met" nicer more helpful people. :sunny:

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    Re: Are you on a winners list

    Thank you, I have a really bizarre last name so all I had to put was my last name. And bonus I get to snoop on my extended family.

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    Re: Are you on a winners list

    YAY this is so awesome. Thanks for sharing!! :sunny:

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    Re: Are you on a winners list

    Quote Originally Posted by pmeek View Post
    :sunny: Ir's really great if you have a not so common last name. Since mine is Murphy I get google alerts everytime Papa Murphy runs a special! :laughing:
    And I get them every time a Judge makes a court decision. I have an alert set up for both myself and my hubby but have yet to get a notice about anything that actually pertains to one of us. But I do agree ... if you have an uncommon name it would be great!

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    Re: Are you on a winners list

    thanks :cheers:

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    Re: Are you on a winners list

    Worth a try. I did a search...and all I got was some entries of mine for contest submissions! LOL :cry:

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    Just did it!!! Thanks for this great idea!!!

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    I just signed up. Could be I have missed out on some that I didn't remember to check back for the winners. Thanks for the tip.

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    Sweepers by nature are *always* looking for a free lunch, but if you value your time over your $$$, then upgrading to PLUS at less than a dime a day gives you the best bang for your $$$!

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