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Thread: Common Sense Security

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    Re: : Common Sense Security

    [QUOTE=wolfinsheepsclothingI have reported it to MSN to have it criminally investigated. It really is scary how little security a person has. Just protect yourselves![/QUOTE]

    WOW! I hope you can get to the bottom of this. SCARY!!!

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    : Common Sense Security

    Thanks Old a newbie this is valuable to me.

    Off to change my password!

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    Re: Common Sense Security

    Thanks for the heads up Old Hippy. More frightening, a national company whose name I won't mention, started an 800 number where employees could anonymously voice concerns, complaints and grievances to upper management. Upper management would take these "anonymous calls" on the "employee relations line", and go after the people that made them.[/img]

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