Happy Puppy, Purina Sweepstakes One major step to taking care of a new pet is feeding them. Of course, you can’t just feed them anything. If you have a new puppy, a special diet is imperative to be sure that your pup turns into a strong adult and lives a long time. You can enter [...]


Pepsi Sweepstakes Pepsi is a familiar household name to all of us. When you hear the word Pepsi, you may be imagining a dark fizzy drink that looks refreshing and cold. This time, I want you to think of sweepstakes. That’s right, Pepsi sweepstakes are here for you to enter and win a great prize. [...]


Round and Round – Cycling Sweepstakes

We Love Cycling Sweepstakes Do you cycle? Whether you bicycle around town or cycle in your garage on a stationary bike, we’ve got you covered! Take a look at these cycling sweepstakes and win it big today. You could look like a cycling pro! The first cycling sweepstakes we are going to discuss is the [...]

Rain X Sweepstakes – Rain, Rain, Go Away

Rain X Marks the Spot Sweepstakes Rain Rain, go away. Come again another day! Surely, all your days will be sunny after winning a great prize like this one. In this unique Rain X Sweepstakes, you will have the chance to win a 2015 Jeep Wrangler. Get ready to ride in style, all you have [...]

It This for Reelz Sweepstakes

Reelz Sweepstakes   Is it for Reelz? Can I really win free cable or satellite service for the rest of my life? It’s true, we can! People have wanted free cable forever and some people even have their own way of getting free cable. But what if we could win some all on our own? [...]

Big Wins with Cottonelle Sweepstakes

Cottonelle Sweepstakes Have you ever been on a trip to Hawaii? If not, is that something you would like to do? I imagine that there are a lot of people who dream of going on that sort of vacation. If you would be interested in this sort of offer, I recommend that you read on [...]

Ford Always Racing Sweepstakes

Ford Always Racing Sweepstakes Winning sweepstakes can put you in some seriously awesome situations. Certain prizes will take you on once in a lifetime adventures that you may haven’t been able to experience otherwise! With the Ford Always Racing Sweepstakes, you will have the chance to win one of those experiences for your own enjoyment! [...]

The Power of Positive Thinking to Win

Can Positive Thinking Help us to Win? There are two types of sweepers. There is the type that sounds like this,: “I won a backpack and some perfume samples today! It feels so great to win. I also entered to win a new car, so I hope I win! I’ll keep trying!” …and then  there are [...]

PCH Shopping Spree Sweepstakes

PCH Shopping Spree Sweepstakes I don’t know about you, but I like to shop until I drop! When you hear just how much money this PCH Shopping Spree Sweepstakes is giving away, I bet you will drop. This amazing offer is supplying one lucky winner with $10,000 for their own personal shopping spree. You choose [...]

Gain Exposure – Submit a Sweepstakes

Submit a Sweepstakes or Giveaway Promotion for Free Do you have a special promotion that you need to promote? There are plenty of different reasons that a person may run their own sweepstakes or giveaway. If you are trying to gain brand awareness for your own business, running a promotion is a great idea. It is [...]