GSN Sweepstakes are Giving Everything Away   Have you ever wanted to buy a tablet, or maybe even win one? Tablets are wonderful pieces of technology that allow us to do a number of different daily tasks. With a tablet, you can write your grocery list electronically, surf the internet, set an alarm clock, or [...]


Save Me from My Student Loan Sweepstakes   There’s no doubting it, school is expensive. If you weren’t rewarded some amazing full-ride scholarship it’s likely that you had to take  student loans like the rest of us. Paying off student loans is a scary thing to think about! But what if you won money that [...]

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Conair Sweepstakes

Welcome to the Infiniti Pro by Conair Dryer and Styling Tool Giveaway! A 2 for 1 special is just what the stylist ordered and it can be yours by entering our giveaway through the Rafflecopter options below. If you’re selected as the winner, we will send you this fantastic item with a retail value of [...]

Over 100 Halloween Sweepstakes

Spooktacular Halloween Sweepstakes   It seems that the Halloween season is here again. That means that there will be some scary and sweet prizes out there to win. If you’d like to make those prizes yours, then stick around and see what Halloween Sweepstakes I have for you today. Prepare for some tricks and treats! [...]

Get Made Up – Sephora Sweepstakes

Sephora Sweepstakes   Beauty products and makeup are the key ingredients to freshening up your look. If you are looking for a makeover, Sephora sweepstakes could be an option for you! Sephora beauty products are high-quality and come in beautiful vibrant colors. Come on a Sephora sweepstakes journey with us and see what you could [...]

Nylabone Sweepstakes

Nylabone Sweepstakes   Surely, you have a feisty canine at home who likes to chew, chew, chew everything up. At our house, we have two little dogs that require constant attention and entertainment. Sometimes all a dog needs is just a really good bone to chew on. That is why we buy nylabone! These bones [...]

Painting Sweepstakes

Painting Sweepstakes   Calling all Picassos or lovers of art! Today I have some sweepstakes for you that just may add a little more color to your daily life! So what are you waiting for? Get artsy! Get craftsy! It is your time to sparkle and shine. DutchBoyPaint is giving away $1,000 in a paint prize [...]

RoyalDraw Sweepstakes Make You a King

Royaldraw Sweepstakes   If you are ready to be the King or Queen of sweepstakes, it is about time I introduce you to Royaldraw! If you are looking to win something of real value, look no further. Just take a look at what we’ve got here for you today. In the first RoyalDraw Sweepstakes you [...]

Your Dream Wedding Sweepstakes

Check Out These Wedding Sweepstakes If you are trying to plan the wedding of your dreams, I definitely recommend that you take a look at our plethora of Wedding Sweepstakes for you to browse, enter, and win. The first sweepstakes that I have for you all today is being put on by the wonderful PCH. [...]

iPhone 6 Giveaways

iPhone 6 Giveaways   No one can deny the sleek style of the iPhone 6. It seems like since it’s been unveiled, everyone is trying to get their hands on one of these technological beauties. So where can you find one of these elusive iPhone 6 Giveaways? Well, at Sweepstakes Advantage of course!We have a [...]