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Do you subscribe to a sweepstakes newsletter? You have come to the right place for sweepstakes news. We send a sweepstakes newsletter Monday through Friday listing the day's top sweepstakes. Our sweepstakes newsletter has been around for almost 20 years. We are the number one online sweepstakes authority.

There are even some other sweepstakes newsletters that charge you a monthly fee to subscribe. Our sweeps newsletter is 100% free. Supported by our sponsors. No need to pay a cent to enter free online sweepstakes.

Our sweepstakes newsletter subscription has an easy opt-out feature at the bottom of every message. In the giveaway newsletter we concentrate on only big prize or great odds sweepstakes. We highlight these types of sweepstakes in bold so that they are easy to distinguish in the sweepstakes email. What good are sweepstakes without winners?

In every newsletter we highlight the latest real prize winners. Just click the winner post to read about th exciting prize wins. Pay attention to these winner posts because they could indicate winning trends. Signup below for the Greatest Sweepstakes Newsletter Online and get Winning!

Where do all the Sweeps and Prizes Come From?

We list hundreds of news promotions each week. These prize opportunities come from all over the web. SA has a team of editors that look for these sweeps 7 days a week. We have engineered software and methods along with research practices that allow us to list promotions the very same day they are published by the sponsor. We do all the work so that you can win the prizes.

It's suggested to read our sweepstakes newsletters as often as possible. Some giveaways and contests may go up and expire very quickly. It is very important to stay on top of these. These types of promotions may have very good odds as fewer people may have entered due to the very short promotion period. We'll note these in our email message.

What Else is Included?

In every issue we highlight certain promotions that we think give you the best odds to win. This isn't all that we do. Often we give you tips on how to improve your winning chances. You get free sweeps and free sweeps school.

We'll help you to avoid scams and false promotions. The number one lesson is Never Pay a Cent to Receive a Free Prize. If anyone asks for money or a fee to receive a free prize it's probably a scam and you should not send any money.

Sometimes it takes a while for any sweepstakes prizes to be awarded because most promotions run for 1 month or longer. In our sweepstakes newsletter we'll highlight some uplifting stories from subscriber winners. These will keep you motivated and looking positively towards your future prize win.

How to Stay Subscribed and Receiving Great Sweeps

Sometimes people may miss an issue. If you have any problems receiving our news you should send a blank email to daily at This will tell your email provider that you trust our site for email.

It is also very important to stay active in our messages. To stay active make sure to read us often and also click any links. This will tell our system to keep you on our active subscription list. This is necessary in today's email world because subscribers who don't read newsletters lower the quality score of our newsletter and may prevent delivery.

Your Privacy and Security is Important

SA News takes your privacy concerns very seriously. We'll never sell or share your email address to other parties. Your email is only used for this big sweeps subscription. We are also very careful with what sweeps we place in our newsletter. If any sweeps don't pass our quality guidelines they do not appear in any newsletters.

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