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The sweepstakes listings at SweepsAdvantage summarize what the prizes are and who is eligible to participate. All our listings also include a Sweepstakes Rules link so that you can read the full official sweepstakes rules provided by the sponsor.

One thing people always want to know is “What are the entry limits?”

Sweepstakes Advantage puts its sweepstakes in categories so you can tell at a glance what type of sweepstakes it is without having to read the individual sweepstakes rules. Some of our categories include:

Blogs: Blog sweepstakes are run by individuals who manage their own blog sites. Typically, you need to sign in at the site and add a comment. Each blog sweepstakes is different, so do a quick read-through the blog sweepstakes rules before you enter. Often you will be asked to comment on the prize being offered, or click a link to visit the sponsor of the prize that is up for grabs. Blog sweepstakes are easy to enter, but can be more time consuming than other sweepstakes. The prizes tend to be of lesser value, though your odds of winning are better than average because not everyone has the patience to enter Blog sweepstakes.

One Entry: Everyone has an equal chance of winning a One Entry sweepstakes because you can only enter once.

Daily: Increase your chances of winning by entering the sweepstakes once each day. You can still win with only one entry, but you can better your chances if you come back and put in daily entries. Daily generally means once per calender day. Check the individual sweepstakes rules for clarification. 

24 Hour: Similar to a Daily sweepstakes, but in this case, the sponsor records the time that you entered the sweepstakes. A full 24 hours must pass before you can enter again.

Instant Win: Instant Win sweepstakes are the most exciting because you know right away if you won. After you fill out the entry form, you will see a winning notice if you have won a prize. Many Instant Win sweepstakes allow you to play once per day. The Sweepstakes Advantage listings always tell you how many times you can enter an Instant Win.

Monthly: You can enter the sweepstakes once each month. Come back and try again each month.

In addition to breaking the sweepstakes into separate categories, Sweepstakes Advantage listings also answer the question “How many times can I enter?”

One Per Person: Each person is allowed to enter the sweepstakes once. It doesn’t matter if you have three email addresses, a summer home, and multiple phone numbers. You the individual can only enter once. Other individuals who share your address, email or phone numbers can also enter with that information, so long as it’s only one entry per person.

One Per Email: If this is the only restriction, you can enter once for each email address you have.

One Per Person/Email: Each individual is allowed to enter the sweepstakes once, but in this case, you cannot share an email. Each entrant must use their own email to enter.

One Per Household: Only one person at your address can enter this kind of sweepstakes. If there is more than one sweeper in your household, decide which of you is entering so you don’t disqualify yourselves!

One Per Person/Email/Household: Only one person at your address can enter this kind of sweepstakes. Additionally, your email address can only be used once, even if someone is entering from another location.

One Per Registration or Account: Some sites want you to go through a registration process with their site before you can enter. Once an account has been set up, that account is held to the entry limits. An example of this would be a sweepstakes sponsored by a company like eBay. Check Official sweepstakes rules or Registration Terms.

One Per IP Address / Computer: Each computer has a unique ID. A restriction like this means that only one individual can send in an entry from that computer.

Remember that each sweepstakes has different Sweepstakes Rules. Sweepstakes Advantage does its best to provide you with a snapshot of each sweepstakes, but we always encourage sweepers to read the complete Official Sweepstakes Rules. Some sponsors are very rigid in their enforcement of the rules. If you put in too many entries, you are at risk for disqualifying yourself and forfeiting a prize. When in doubt, read the Official Sweepstakes Rules!

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