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We want to help you learn how to max out your sweepstakes entires, increase your chances for winning and just generally have a great (and safe) time entering sweepstakes.  So we are sharing our free sweepstakes lessons with you!

Thanks for checking out Sweepstakes Advantages Sweepstakes School!  We hope that we help you win big!

Lesson 1: Sweepstakes vs. Contests

Learn what the difference is between a sweepstakes and a contest. This information will help you know which type you want to start winning.

Lesson 2: Tips for Getting Started

Learn great tips for starting off organized and focused so you can enter tons of sweepstakes

Lesson 3: Why Companies Give Things Away

Learn the reasons why companies offer sweepstakes and free stuff.

Lesson 4: Scam Alert

Learn how to avoid scams and red flags to note when you are looking for sweepstakes to enter!

Lesson 5: Why Instant Win Games are the Best

Lesson Coming Soon!

Lesson 6: How to Use a Free Twitter Account to Enter Sweepstakes

Learn how to use Twitter so you can enter sweepstakes for gaining bonus entries and more!

Lesson 7: Facebook Sweepstakes Basics

Learn how to use Facebook so you can enter sweepstakes and how to remove unwanted apps after a sweepstakes is over.

Lesson 8: How to Enter Pinterest Sweepstakes

Get all the details on setting up a Pinterest profile and how to enter Pinterest Sweepstakes.

Lesson 9: How to Enter Instagram Sweepstakes and Contests

Learn how to set an Instagram account and start entering sweepstakes!

Lesson 10: Legal Lessons: Learn about the legalities of Sweepstakes

Some in depth info Regarding Taxes and the legalities of Sweepstakes.

Lesson 11: Text Entry Sweepstakes are the Buzz

Learn how to enter these Mobile Friendly Sweepstakes.

Bonus Lessons!

More Ways to Identify and Scams– Even more tips for avoiding sneaky scams!




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