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Sweepstakes Winning is Fun

sweepstakes winnersSweepstakes Winners know entering sweepstakes is fun, but the real fun is winning, right?! Just like the lottery, when you enter, you get a chance to dream about what you’ll do with the prize or who you’ll take with you if you win that big trip. The power of those daydreams keeps you entering again and again. When you win, you join a special group! The sweepstakes winners who entered through our site are announced in our winner’s circle. We’d like to take a few minutes to give them their time in the spotlight here.

leslie the robot vacuum sweepstakes winner

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Sweepstakes

+jenraska14’s summer plans are taken care of. She’s the grand prize winner of a family season pass to Six Flags, $500 cash and much more. How many times do you think she’ll be taking the kids to the theme park this summer? Have fun +jenraska14!

leslie holding her keurig prize win

Say Yes to Summer

Senior Member ( webbers ) is another winner of a free hour of golf. He’ll be redeeming the coupon at Topgolf. Here’s hoping all your putts are par or better!



It’s awesome when our members win something they really wanted. That’s what happened with ( +bakedbeans ). She really wanted a Doritos Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 chip bag that plays music. When she went to buy one, they were sold out, but it turns out she didn’t need to worry since she won it! We’re thrilled for you +bakedbeans!


Retail Me Not

Sweepstakes Plus member ( +moonbeamer81 ) couldn’t be more excited. She won a $50 gift card to Retailmenot.com where she can shop 100s of popular retail outlets and save big! What would you buy if you won? Congratulations +moonbeamer81!


Surprise Nail Polish Win

+lringel is super excited to win a Julep 12-piece Zodiac Collection Nail set from The Real. She’ll be able to give her hands a new look every month of the year – and maybe tell you your horoscope too. Have fun with all the colors +lringel!


Celebrate Summer Sweepstakes

Junior Member ( nascargrl24 ) is doing a happy dance to discover she’s one of five winners of the Celebrate Summer Sweepstakes. She’ll be giving her wardrobe a revamp with the prize: a $500 Chico’s gift card! Congratulations nascargrl24!


VIP Corona Experience

Sweepstakes Plus member (laclayton) Won a VIP Corona experience to a 76ers Game. They had game floor seats. They were court side during warm ups and had access to the Corona VIP concessions. It was an amazing experience for them.


Guinness Store Grand Prize Winner

Another Sweepstakes Plus member ( parchu14 ), won a big $1000 E-Gift Card to the Guinness Store. Guinness has all types of things to buy like dartboards, jewelry, clothes, bar ware, etc. They say thanks to Sweepstakes Plus for the help finding this promotion! This member will have fun shopping.


Lay’s Smiles Grand Prize Winner

We are happy to announce that the Lay’s Smiles Grand Prize Winner was from Sweeps Advantage. Plus Member ( evenlysal ) won the Grand Prize.  They were recently able to complete two of their sweepstakes goals for this year. The first being to win a text to win competition. Their second yearly goal was to win a trip!  The prize consisted of a (1) $1500 Airline voucher, (1) $1500 Hotel voucher, and (1) $750 check. There were 8 prizes in total.  20 out of the 30 days this member texted to win. This is their biggest win yet!

Giasone Won Himself a new Dell Premium Laptop

giason holding laptop sweepstakes prize

Our Sweepstakes Plus subscribers have a habit of winning cool prizes over and over again. Giasone was California dreaming of a new Dell Laptop so he entered our SA exclusive giveaway. He was selected randomly as the winner. Here is a picture of him with his new Dell Laptop. SA always has many exclusive giveaways. Go to our main page and see the gold banner.

Robotic Vacuum Winner – No More Old Vacuum for Sally

sally holding her vacuum

This is actually our second Robotic Vacuum prize that we have awarded on SA. These little vacuum robots are really a big time saver, especially if you have animals. If you have animals and don’t vacuum daily your allergies will go crazy. We are happy to announce Sally from IA as the winner in our latest Robotic Vacuum Giveaway. No more back breaking old vacuum!

SA Member Wins Gift Card Haul

SA member Alexis62 is happy to be a new Grand Prize Winner. Alexis62 scored the top prize in the Style Tagged Sweepstakes. This Grand prize is valued at $3,163! The grand prize packages was made up of gift cards from stores including Ann Taylor, Chico’s, New York & Co, BCBG, Nine West, and a Brahmin bag of the sponsor’s choosing.

Rich needed a new Laptop and Got one

SA member Rich G. from VA was the winner of our Acer laptop giveaway on Sweepstakes Advantage. The best part about this win is that Rich said he was in need of a new laptop for years. It’s really awesome when people win prizes that they really need. Congratulations to Rich.

rich holding his new laptop prize

Plus subscriber Cin999 Takes the Kool $25K Cash Prize

Every so often one of our members is able to score a big sweepstakes prize. Kool is a known sponsor for many big name promotions. Member Cin999 recently won the first place prize which was $25,000 in the Kool Kash instant win sweepstakes promotion. The Grand prize in this promotion was $100K! There were many other prizes as well in this Instant Win game. I’m sure there are other members who won one of these many other prizes. A big congratulations to member Cin999.

Faith Owns the Table

Furniture is one of those things that always needs updating or replacing. Especially if you have kids, animals or both! There are many furniture promotions on SA every month. One recent one was from Sobro. Our member faithmsweeps was the Grand Prize winner in a Sobro Smart Coffee Table Giveaway. The coffee table was valued at $1,500! Sobro looks like a great company looking at the feedback from their company that was posted in our winner circle forum.  Congrats to faith.

A Good Night Sleep is Key to Winning

Plus subscriber +archidis99 will be getting a good night’s rest. Around 3 weeks ago they became a Grand Prize winner, which includes King size cooling mattress, cooling pillows, comforters, performance sheets, etc. This all Got delivered last week and they call this prize awesome! They were talking about getting a new bed, awesome timing on this win! The Grand Prize value was from this Sheex promotion was $2154.00 to $3133.00.

50 Bike Prizes up for Grabs in this Sweepstakes

Biking is becoming very popular due those new electric assist bikes. Not having to peddle so hard, especially up hill is a god send. Sweepstakes Plus subscriber +dugpenz Won 1 of 50 new bikes from a Miller Coors sweepstakes promotion. There are 49 more Martone Bike prizes up for grabs in this Miller Instant Win promotion. What are you waiting for?

Bryan with his son holding Nintendo prize

Bryan V. from KY the Nintendo Switch Winner is Thrilled

Have you tried winning something for your kids that they really want? It’s great when a plan comes together. Bryan is very thrilled to be a winner. His kids have been wanting a Nintendo Switch! He is thankful to be a winner. He actually just signed up for Sweepstakes Plus in April 2018. There are many more sweepstakes prizes like this to be won.

Member has 3 Instant Wins in One Day

Our member sweepsyana had a crazy day of prize wins! They won an Entenmann’s Chocolate Chip Little Bites from the Kroger Donut game. They then won a $25 Piercing Pagoda gift card and Mahle Baseball cap from drive with the original instant win game. Adding to these instant wins they received an email saying they won the Erie Gay News Charlie Puth Prize Pack. Sometimes the stars align and come together for some of our members in one day.

Fallen Kingdom Track. Rescue & Win Prizes

Sweepstakes Plus subscriber oldyella just won the Samsung Virtual Reality Headset. ARV: $130.00 in the DORITOS® Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom “Track. Rescue. Win.” Promotion. This member is liking this game a lot. Just last week they also won the Samsung Tablet ARV: $549 playing this same game. This promotion ends on June 30, 2018. Hurry and try your luck.

Michael Won Steak, This isn’t Fake

We tried something a little different for a giveaway prize because grilling season was coming up. Sweepstakes Advantage decided to giveaway an Angus steak package. It actually took two tries to declare a winner because the first winner never confirmed. Another reminder to everyone to always be checking your email for prize wins and this includes your spam folder. Congratulations to Michael L. from FL! He was the winner in our Angus Steak Package Giveaway. We hope he enjoys the bountiful amount of steak headed his way.

pictiue of Michael holding his steak sweepstakes prize

Rub a Dub Dub, a Sweepstakes Tub

Plus subscriber +gotb21 and his wife entered the Grand Prize club. They submitted their entry for the American Standard Walk-in Tub Giveaway that ended on April 24th. During the Carey Brothers Radio Show “On The House” on May 19th, they were called by James Carey and told they were one of 3 finalists for the Walk-in Tub. After they talk to James, Doreen from American Standard tells them about the tub during the radio show. She gives them a shock and says that they won the Walk-in Tub! The Walk-in Tub includes installation is valued at $17,500. Suzanne his wife entered him to win it. Because of this, she gets a $500 Visa gift card! The total value of the prize is $18,000.00. This is their first win as a Plus Subscriber after joining and entering for about a year! They thanked Sweepstakes Advantage for listing all these giveaways!

Can you hear the Echo?

The amazon echo is a very popular gadget. In our house we never thought to get one until we received an echo as a gift. It comes in very handy if your hands are busy doing something and you need an egg time or want to know the weather or a thousand other things! Our Sweepstakes Plus member +mykidzrock01 won an Amazon Echo in the nextbigfuture.com giveaway. Plus subscribers have a particular advantage to win these gadgets because they can search for “echo” and see the full result that includes local giveaways. More chances equals better odds of winning.

A Pair of Grizzly Winners

Sometimes many of our Sweepstakes Plus subscribers win the same prize. Every so often it’s a great prize. Members +sweepsgirl887 and +descango both won a $500 Dicks Sporting Goods gift card. They both entered the My Grizzly Proving Grounds Sweepstakes. The winner notification came in email. Be sure to always check your email carefully for prize wins.

Super Hero Sweepstakes Winner

You may ask yourself, what do DC Comics and Lobster have in common? No, there is not a new super hero called Lobster Man. Plus subscriber +skater425 recently won 2 Grand prizes. This member was 1 of 3 grand prize winners in the Lobster Roll With Raeburn Sweepstakes. The prize was a $175 Hancock Gourmet Lobster gift card. They were addition the grand prize winner in the DC Comics MAD Prize Pack Sweepstakes. The prize included a DC Collectibles Batman statue and other collectibles. Is there no hope for Lobster Man? Stay tuned.

3 Wins in 3 Days

Have you ever heard the expression, things always happen in 3’s? SA member bata99 is very in tune with this saying. This member reports on the SA website that they won 3 prizes in 3 days. They won a hat in the Eagle One Ultimate Garage Makeover Sweepstakes. They then won A pair of sunglasses from Marlboro and for #3 won a $30 Movie E-Code! This was a online sweepstakes prize trifecta.

This Prize Stopped the Sneeze

Congratulations to member compmend. This member entered the MakeSpringCount Johnson & Johnson ZYRTEC Make Spring Count Instant Win & Sweepstakes and won. The prize was a $100 Home Depot gift card. There are hundreds of instant win prizes available in this promotion. Better enter today because it’s ending soon.

Thousands on Sweepstakes Prizes

We always tell people who are in a prize winning slump to try and enter promotions where there are thousands of sweepstakes prizes. Getting a little something in the mail on a regular basis can help keep you motivated until the major prize win happens. Sweepstakes Plus subscriber +sweepsyana just scored a MillerLite Canny Pack prize in the latest MillerLite promotion. There are thousands of these Canny Pack prizes that MillerLite is giving away. Get out of the slump and score some cool little prizes!

Lori wins the Cooking Giveaway

Lori with Cooking Prizes

SA really loves to give away cooking prizes. People don’t realize how much of a time saver instapot pressure cookers are because you can start with frozen food. Lori R. from MI won an instapot and air fryer in our recent giveaway. I think I’ll cook something in the pressure cooker tonight.

500 Reasons to Love Sweepstakes

Congratulations to plus subscriber +sides58. This plus member won a $500 visa gift card in the North Carolina Beer Sweeps. This promotion had four winners and all received a $500 gift card. This one only allowed one entry. You have to enter to win.

Custom Dodge Challenger Vehicle Winner

Sweepstakes Plus subscriber +1280 Won the king of all sweepstakes prizes, a new car. They re posted on our SA winner’s circle June 16, 2018 that they won a 3 day trip to Concord NC as a finalist.  As the grand prize finalist in the Lund International Super Charged All American Car Sweepstakes they won a highly customized 2017 Dodge Challenger! The total ARV of the Grand Prize was $67,000. It’s OK to be jealous.

It was a Swift Prize

Sweepstakes Plus member +cosmic8o8 on Monday was notified that they won the Acer Swift 3 in their AcedIt giveaway. The following morning they got a call saying they won a Tecate Chivas jersey. Yay! It’s been a good week for member +cosmic808. We love to hear about all types of prize wins. Keep those winner posts coming. It’s good Karma.

Kristine holding solar panel prize

A Powerful Prize Win

Kristine has a sunny outlook on her prize winning future. She was the winner of our Solar Panel Charger giveaway. This cool solar panel can recharge a cell phone using only the power of the sun in just 1 hour. Totally amazing gadget. Will come in very handy during the next power outage or storm.

Want to join the club of sweepstakes winners? Check our site daily for new sweepstakes you can enter!

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