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Cell Phone Sweepstakes App... Cell Phone App Sweepstakes, Use Your Phone to Win More Prizes Cell Phone Sweepstakes Apps are a fairly new slant on an existing technology. Remember the days when all you could do was make calls on your cell phone? Today you can do everything from banking and turn on your lights to playing video games all on your cell.  Cell phone applications, in general, do require some level of a smartphone.  Usually, phones that have an android or apple IOS will be able to install apps. Why would I want to Install a Sweepstakes App? Some of us are always on the
New Sweepstakes and Contests to Enter this Week...  New Sweepstakes and Contests This Week We have the tools, you have the time! We’re talking about winning of course, and with daily new sweepstakes, we give you so many new chances to win. Today there are many brand new sweepstakes that you can enter on our new sweepstakes page. It’s broken down by entry category type so you can decide quickly what your strategy is. This may seem confusing to the newcomer, but our pros will help. Here are some tips on how to execute a game plan to get the maximum results: 1). Enter as many promotions as possible. 2). Save