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Welcome to Sweepstakes Advantage! Our site features a comprehensive listing of sweepstakes and freebies. There is a lot of information here, so please, look around, get to know our site, and don't hesitate to ask questions.

FAQ's - General Information

  1. How do I get started? The following link provides a brief outline of our site. It should answer many of your questions. Sweepstakes School.
  2. How much does it cost to join? Nothing! Sweepstakes Advantage is a free website.
  3. Why do I need to sign up if everything is free? You don't. You can look around our site without signing up, but you'll miss out on the best features. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of Sweepstakes Advantage.
  4. How do I sign up? Register right on our homepage. If you have more than one household member who wants to register, we suggest that each person use a different email.
  5. Once I sign up, how do I get back in? On our homepage, look for the login box in the upper left corner. Type in your username and password to enter.
  6. I'm already signed up. How do I edit my personal information? Start by logging in. Next, visit our Forum. Your personal information will be under the "Profile" tab.
  7. I want/don't want to receive the site newsletter. Scroll down the homepage. Newsletter registration in is the lower left corner. This is where you can manage your subscription preferences.
  8. I want to participate, but I'm worried about getting spammed. Will this be a problem? No. Sweepstakes Advantage doesn't send out spam or sell its membership list to third parties.
  9. How does Sweepstakes Advantage run all these offers? We don't. Sweepstakes Advantage provides links to sponsors who run the sweepstakes and freebies. We do our best to make sure that all sponsors are credible and truly give out the prizes and freebies they advertise.
  10. You said Sweepstakes Advantage doesn't spam, but I have received junk mail since I signed up. Why? When you click on a link, you are leaving Sweepstakes Advantage and going to the sponsor's site. Be careful what you click on. If a sponsor asks if it's okay to send you offers from third parties and you click "yes", you will get extra email. Sweepstakes Advantage does not send out this email and we cannot discontinue it for you. If you get unwanted email, you will need to cancel it at its source.

FAQ's - Site Features

  1. What is MySweeps? MySweeps is allows you to create personalized lists of sweepstakes. It is discussed in more detail here.
  2. What is SweepsCheck? SweepsCheck helps you keep track of which sweepstakes you have already entered.
  3. What is SweepsPop? SweepsPop is unique program that allows you to open several windows at once to speed up your sweeping. It is discussed in more detail here.
  4. What are Notes? Under each listing, you'll see "Notes" listed. You can click on Notes to add a note to the sweep that only you can read.
  5. What are Comments? Under each listing, you'll see "Comments" listed. You can click on Comments to add a comment that everyone can read.
  6. What is an autofill program? An autofill program is a typing aid that helps you enter sweepstakes more quickly. It is discussed in more detail here.

FAQ's - Forum and Winners Circle

  1. What is the Forum? The Forum is where we can post notes and talk to other members. To get there, sign is, then click on the Forum link on the homepage.
  2. How do I post a note in the Forum? Start by logging in on our homepage, then click on the Forum link. This will take you to a list of categories. To post in the Winners Circle, for example, click on that topic. When it opens up, you'll see a list of ongoing threads in that topic. To start a new conversation, click on the blue "New Topic" tab in the upper right.
  3. How do I reply to a post or congratulate someone? Follow the steps above, but instead, click on "Reply".
  4. How do I edit my personal information? Click on the "Profile" tab in the Forum to edit your personal information. This is where you can update your email, add a signature or avatar, adjust your time zone, etc...
  5. I just don't have time to sweepstakes any more. How do I cancel my registration? Contact us here for help.

FAQ's - Common Problems

  1. I can't remember my username or password. Contact us here for assistance.
  2. I know my information is correct, but I still can't log in. What do I do? Start with the easiest possibilities first. Is there an extra space included? It that isn't it, try clearing your cache. Once you delete your temp files and cookies, you will often find that this fixes access problems. If you still can't get it, you may need to do a deeper reset on your computer. Another possible pitfall is too many registrations. If you registered with us more than once using the same email, it could create a conflict. This is something we can fix for you. Contact us here for technical assistance.
  3. A certain sweep just won't run for me. Why not? Here are some things to consider when a sweepstakes won't run:
    a) Is there a note in the listing or comments that addresses the problem?
    b) No note? Try clearing your cache. If your computer is holding on to old information, it may interfere with your current attempt to log in. Dumping your temp files and cookies often corrects access problems.
    c) Do you have Javascript enabled?
    d) Is your Flash animation software up to date?
    e) Are you using an unusual browser? Some websites are not compatible with unusual browsers like WebTV or Opera.
  4. If we can fix a problem, we will. If the problem originates with the sponsor we can notify them of the problem, but only the sponsor can fix it.
  5. How do I report a problem? If the problem is with a specific sweepstakes, click the "Report Problem" link under that sweepstakes. If the problem is not sweepstakes-specific, contact us here.
  6. I didn't get my prize. What can I do? The sponsor or prizing agency is responsible for sending out prizes. Start by contacting them. Contact information should be in your win notice. When you win, keep copies of winning emails and printscreens if you are able. If you need to ask questions later, it is helpful to have this documentation.

FAQ's - Terminology, Legal Stuff

  1. What's the difference between a Daily and 24 Hours sweepstakes, and how many times can I enter. That information is discussed in detail here.
  2. Where can I find more about Sweepstakes Laws?
  3. Where can I find out more about Sweepstakes Rules?

FAQ - How do I know if the notice I got is a ‘real' win?

  1. I got a winning notice, but it looks odd. Is it a real win? Here are some things to consider when you aren't sure if a winning notice is legitimate or not. These are red flags:
    • Did you enter the sweepstakes? If you didn't enter the Irish Lottery, you didn't win the Irish Lottery.
    • Is the sweepstakes in our active or Expired listing?
    • Does the "win" ask for your SSN, bank numbers or fees of any kind?
    • Look at the email of the sender. A true win will come form the sponsor or prizing agency, not a hotmail or yahoo.uk or other suspicious email.
    • A real win will have contact info that makes it easy for you to identify and reach the sponsor in case you have question.
    • Still not sure? Ask us for help. We'll be happy to review email you received to help determine if it is a real win.

My question wasn't addressed here. Now what? Our Forum has lots of information and our members are truly helpful. You may find your answer there. Still need help? Contact us here.