Sweepstakes Advantage Promotions and Advertising

If you built a sweepstakes, giveaway or contest you realize that just building the sweepstakes promotion is only the first step. You built your promotion so that new customers or clients will be introduced to your product or service. Offering your new giveaway to your existing clients will not accumplish this. You need to reveal your promotion to a high traffic promotion portal.

Sweepstakes Advantage has more traffic than any other sweepstakes directory online. Thousands of visitors come to our site for a chance to win prizes because we list hundreds of free to enter giveaways each day. SA has been doing this for over 20 years. You shouldn't trust your promotion to anyone except us because we have the confidence and knowledge to help make your promotion a success.

Our traffic originates 100% from our site and social media pages. No external sources are used. Our traffic clients have access to 24x7 statistics so that they can see where the traffic is coming from and when. We have many long time clients that have been purchasing sweepstakes traffic over the years. Our economical traffic solutions for every budget and dedicated support has earned us these relationships.

How much traffic are we capable of sending? One of our clients received over 30K visitors in one month for their sweepstakes promotion. Many large brands get their sweepstakes promotion traffic from Sweepstakes Advantage because we can deliver!

We'd be honored to Help you Make Your Promotion a Success. Here are the sweepstakes traffic services we provide:

Directory Submission Access: This is a sweepstakes submission self service product where you pay a low monthly fee for access to our submission form. You submit a sweepstakes using our sweepstakes submission form. We will then review your sweepstakes submission for acceptance and approve it for listing in our directory. Acceptance is not guaranteed and each submission must meet our quality standards. Most submissions are approved and we work with the submitters to adhere to our quality requirements where possible. The traffic from this product is not guaranteed and will rely on the brand recognition or prize value.

Cost Per Click Traffic Products: If you are working within a specific budget and need traffic for your sweepstakes, giveaway or contest this product is a great fit. You purchase a specifc amount of traffic for your promotion and we handle the rest. SA will provide you with a detailed message explaining where your listing is and where the traffic is coming from after you submit your order. There is another benefit of a click traffic order. If for any reason you do not use all your purchased traffic you will receive the remaining traffic as a click credit for your next promotion. If you purchase a large number of clicks ahead of time you may be able to use those clicks alll year for all your scheduled promotions.

This will allow you to budget your sweepstakes promotion traffic in advance. The more clicks you purchase the lower your perceived cost per click. The best value is our 10K clicks package. The traffic will come from a high-rank directory listing, rotating banner creative, newsletter sponsorship and our social media pages.

Premium Monthly Product: If you have a well known brand or a promotion with a big value prize you may decide not to purchase click traffic. The cost associated with purchasing clicks may exceed your promotional budget expectations. Our premium monthly product is a perfect fit in this case and is very popular with our known brand clients. With this traffic product you receive no-limits traffic from our high-rank directory listing, banners, top newsletter sponsorship and social media. You will also receive traffic from our own in-house giveaways used to announce your sweepstakes ( additional exposure ).

You receive all these traffic services with dedicated support to help you launch your sweepstakes promotion with us. Most of our Premium Monthly Product clients receive at a minmum 10K visitors per month and typically more. This product also comes with statistics with regular stats communication emailed during the promotion to communicate progress and milestones. If you have any questions about this product or others use the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page. 

Thank you for considering our traffic products for your sweepstakes promotion!