Speed Up Your Sweepstaking

With all the great sweepstakes available at SweepsAdvantage, one thing sweepers always want to know is: How can I speed up the process to enter more sweepstakes quickly?

SweepsPop is an exciting new tool for SweepsAdvantage members who want to sweep even faster. Instead of having to click in and open each sweepstakes individually, SweepsPop will open a number of sweepstakes at once. You still have to fill out the entry forms, but since they're now loaded and waiting for you, SweepsPop is a real time saver.

Here's how it works:

  1. At the top of the page, look for "SweepsPoP" in the upper right corner.
  2. Mouse over "SweepsPoP" and begin by picking "Enable SweepsPop Boxes".
  3. When the boxes appear in front of each listing, check off the sweepstakes that you want to "pop" open. If you have a fast computer connection that can easily open lots of windows, you can opt to "Check All SweepsPop" which will open up to 20 sweeps at once. If your computer processes information more slowly, try opening only 5 or 10 at once instead.
  4. After you have checked off your boxes, click "Launch SweepsPop". Kazaam! All the sweeps you have selected will open on your screen. Fill out the entry forms and sweep, sweep, sweep!
  5. Go back up to "SweepsPoP" to uncheck boxes if you want to uncheck your selections before selecting a new batch.
  6. But wait, there's more! You can also go to "SweepsPoP" to "Check all SweepsCheck" or "Uncheck all SweepsCheck". If you're not familiar with SweepsCheck, it's a quick way to mark off which sweeps you have already entered.

Additional Speed Tip - Autofill

SweepsPop is a great way to get through the sweepstakes quickly, but how can I fill the entry forms in even faster? The answer: use an autofill program.

An autofill program is a typing aid. It allows you to store information that can be used to quickly fill out entry forms. Put in your name, address, email, etc.. and when you run the autofill program, it will take the information you supplied and match it to the entry form fields. You still need to open each entry form, but an autofill program will speed up your time by cutting down on repetitive typing.

Some cautions when using an autofill program:

  • Use the autofill program to fill the form, but do a quick read-over before submitting the entry form. Autofill programs are good, but they aren't perfect.
  • Autofill programs don't work with Flash entry forms. You will still need to manually type out entry forms that are in Flash format.
  • You will need to type in any security codes that are required.
  • You will sometimes need to answer additional questions on the entry forms.

Hey! The Rules said I'd be disqualified for using a form filler. Won't I disqualify myself if I use an autofill program? NO. Autofill programs are typing aids. You are still visiting the site and seeing what the sponsor has to offer. You are still reading and filling out the form. What sponsors don't like are 'bot programs that crawl around the web entering sweepstakes on your behalf. With a 'bot program, a human does not visit the contest site. Humans are allowed to use autofill programs to help with their typing.

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