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Don’t you Love the Feeling of Winning?

Sweepstakes plus member skater425 has won a whole bunch of great prizes lately! Firstly, this lucky winner won a signed Brad Paisley guitar from FYE.com that ill be arriving in the mail by Monday! Next, they were the winner of the TechMatte amFilm Bye-Bye Bubble HD Clear Screen protector for iPhone 5. Last of all, this super sweeper got a surprise delivery from Hills Science Diet consisting of 5 cans of dog food, a bag of dry dog food, and a bag of treats.  Congratulations to you on all of your fantastic wins, skater425, we are so happy for you!

Keep your fingers crossed this holiday season, and maybe we can win some great prizes too! Be sure to check your email for any spontaneous winning messages and updates from the SA Sweepstakes Newsletter! Have a great day and Happy Sweeping!

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