Creative Presentation Sweepstakes

Creative Presentation Sweepstakes Time   So what is a Creative Representation Sweepstakes? Creative Presentations are sweepstakes where many companies or sites join together to offer the same prizes. The odds of winning can be slim but it depends on the effort of the sweepstakes community. The prizes can be really great! Everything from cash, appliances [...]

The Next Winloot Winner will Occur in 3 Hours, 33 minutes, 42 Seconds

Winloot, They Keep Drawing Winners   Every time I visit Winloot I see their winner countdown box and I have to admit it’s pretty exciting. They made me a believer because they show who won recently at the very top of their page. They draw a new winner daily.  To play the game you just [...]

Central Florida Sweepstakers Club

SA Meets with the Central Florida Sweepstakers Club   This past Saturday Sweepstakes Advantage visited the Central Florida Sweepstakers Club in Orlando Florida. The club founders have been meeting in Sweepstakes Clubs as far back as 1978.  One of the members was actually featured in the Orlando Sentinel for her outstanding winning achievements. We asked [...]

Loan Support Center Wants to Pay Your Mortgage

Loan Support Center Wants to Pay Your Mortgage   Every month millions of Americans either have to pay rent or mortgage.  Its unavoidable and we all have to do it. Thankfully Loan Support Center has this sweepstakes where they are going to pay someones mortgage or rent payment for the month. Skipping a month of [...]

Unlimited Entry Sweepstakes

Three Cheers for Unlimited Entry Sweepstakes   What does it mean to be an unlimited entry sweepstakes? That means that a sweepstakes can be entered an unlimited amount of times! That means that you, as the sweeper, can choose to put in more or less entries (depending on how bad you want the prize). If [...]

You’re Gonna Love this Wicked Sweepstakes

Wicked Sweepstakes If you are a fan of Broadway, you are going to enjoy the sweep I have to show you today. In particular, this sweep is about the Broadway hit, Wicked. Go on an adventure with Glinda the Good Witch, and Elphaba! There are some great times to be had, and you can experience [...]

Amazon Sweepstakes

We Love Amazon Sweepstakes   There is something highly satisfying about shopping online at Amazon. This online shopping website truly has something for everybody! If you have been looking for a reason to go on a shopping spree, just take a look at these Amazon Sweepstakes. We promise that you will love this useful (and [...]

Pin It! – Pinterest Sweepstakes

Pin it! Pinterest Sweepstakes Tons of people out there are turning to Pinterest to get their fix of wins! Using some social media knowledge, and a bit of creativity, you can be a Pinterest winner! By pinning pictures to your Pinterest boards, you are entering yourself to win. Take a look at this Pinterest sweepstakes [...]

Chevy Sweepstakes – Vroom Vroom!

Win a Chevy Sweepstakes Are you a fan of the Chevrolet vehicle family? I know that I sure am. Well, right now is better than ever to win a brand new car in one of these Chevy Sweepstakes. Tighten your seat belt and get ready for these exciting sweeps. BuckKnives110 is running their 50th anniversary [...]

SPF25 Orlando – Yearly Sweepstakes Convention

SPF25 was Turning up the Heat!   Sweepstakes Advantage has finally found it’s way to sweepstakes conventions! If you weren’t able to make it to the convention this year, we will recap some of it for you. If you were there, come relish in the memories with us. The Sweepstakes Advantage crew was so pleased [...]