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Thread: "My Sweepstakes" question

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    "My Sweepstakes" question

    :wink: I really have a dry sense of humor.


    Indeed the 'Help" topic and your other suggestions are 'good, gooder, and goodest' (sic) and of course I checked these prior to posting this. I even did searches. Why? For the very reason that I knew somebody would make the same post you did, or some variation of it's theme. (And I really hate being used as a moving target practice for squirrel hunters! ) I have even read ALL the sticky posts here!! :shock: :shock: :shock: Scary, eh?

    I try not to ask DUMB questions that have been asked (and answered) a zillion times already. So after research: "Why not ask the unanswered questions"? Answers in a specific place are a good thing. :shock: A public service I hope. :lol: Just hoping that this will make life easier for all of us. :roll:

    If I am wondering about it, it is a good bet that others have wondered about it too. The only problem is that sometimes the answers aren't easily found, PM's aren't easily shared, some of us like me 'ain't BEEN too durn swift after we fell off the turn'up truck and knocked our noggins on that gosh dang rock', and to be blunt most of us are all tooooo busy entering sweeps to spend 36 hrs searching through 126490 posts for a answer to certain questions. :shock: :wink:

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    : "My Sweepstakes" question

    :shock: I've been looking for a Squirrel all day and your disclaimer selection did not include my current stressors, so :twisted:

    First of all, I would never presume to speak for Amy nor anyone else for that matter. But, I can assure you that Amy was trying to be helpful. Most people are not as forum savy as you appear to be and the links Amy provided would give most newbies a place to start to find answers to their questions. I can assure you that this is the first forum experience for many members and they really don't know where to start.

    Amy is both a moderator and an editor here and I am amazed that she has the time to answer questions, let alone research the answers for others. I can assure you that her intentions were to get you some answers that could help you, so that you did not feel your questions were not valid or being ignored. I know her quite well and know that all she ever wants to do is help people.

    I'm not sure if you took her post wrong or not, but the links she posted are extremely useful links for most newbies. We all try to reach out as quickly as possible with as much info as we have time for.

    I am going to move this thread to Q & A and I will bring it to Admin's attention for you. Please remember, you can always use the feedback forum to ask Admin a question. They are really great about getting back to you.

    As for your humor, Amy, Gt, myself and many others came here from a site that did not get our sense of humor. So, I understand there are differences in humor. I will try hard to see the humor in your posts. But, I have to say, maybe you could put a little less Disclaimer and a little more funny in your posts. Then I won't need to use my taser the next time I go squirrel hunting! :twisted: :lol:

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    : "My Sweepstakes" question

    loren_brothers - I have an extremely short attention span, so I post when I see - or I forget :P

    I specifically did NOT name you in my post because it wasn't directed to you - I know from experience your ideas will spark others to think of things, and I wanted to give them a starting point, as it were :wink: :lol: 8)

    I'm with Wolfie on this - ideas are GOOD, and can lead to other wonderful outcomes, but I also subscribe to INFO is GOOD, so I try to provide it when I see a need.

    No intention of disparaging you or your knowledge - just figured those who would have questions from reading your post would appreciate some guidance is all. 8)
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    : "My Sweepstakes" question

    How come when I click My Sweepstakes it's empty? After entering sweeps, I always check it off and click Save My Sweepstakes. What's going on? Thanks!

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    : "My Sweepstakes" question

    Misty, in the lower left corner of each listing you will see add to my sweepstakes. You also need to click on that for it to save into your sweepstakes. This way, you can use sweeps check as your already looked at button and use my sweepstakes as those you want to keep track of.

    Hope this helps. :smt001

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    : "My Sweepstakes" question I see the link. I always just clicked the Save My Sweepstakes button, but then could never tell via the Expired Sweepstakes section if I had entered or not. This way will be easier to enter and track.

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    : "My Sweepstakes" question

    :smt001 Glad I could help! Good luck!

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