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Daily, login to [ https://www.marlboro.com ] and go to [ https://www.marlboro.com/marlboro/break-for-flavor } to select {1} of {4} [ + Mega Mobile Monday enter via a mobile device to be automatically entered in all {4} ] featured prizes to win Weekly Entry {EP} Period Prizes {1ppp per EP} ;

EP1{3/30-4/5} Skip the Lake and Head for White Water :
EP1 {1} ; $9,000 Travel Voucher. ARV: $9,000.
EP1 {25} ; Old Town NEXT Canoe. ARV: $999.99.
EP1 {150} ; Dry Case Waterproof Backpack. ARV: $89.99.
EP1 {1,750} ; Dry Case Smartphone Case. ARV: $39.99.

EP2{4/6-4/12} Park the Car and Roll Out in Luxury :
EP2 {1} ; Airstream To Go Voucher. ARV: $9,575.
EP2 {25} ; Garmin nüvi 2789LMT. ARV: $349.99.
EP2 {150} ; Jerky of the Month Certificate. ARV: $155.70.
EP2 {1,500} ; $50.00 Gas Card. ARV: $50.

EP3{4/13-4/19} Leave the Land and Stay Afloat :
EP3 {1} ; $12,000 Travel Voucher. ARV: $12,000.
EP3 {25} ; Cabana Islander. ARV: $479.99.
EP3 {150} ; Costa Cut Sunglasses. ARV: $219.99.
EP3 {1,500} ; Dry Case Waterproof Speaker. ARV: $79.99.

EP4{4/20-4/26} Rise Above the Tent and Camp Among the Trees :
EP4 {1} ; $9,000 Travel Voucher. ARV: $9,000.
EP4 {25} ; Blue Ridge Hammock Tent. ARV: $169.99.
EP4 {150} ; W.E. Picnic Backpack Set. ARV: $99.95.
EP4 {1,750} ; Vizz Headlamp. ARV: $49.99.

EP5{4/27-5/3} Turn Any Hike into a Photo Safari :
EP5 {1} ; $9,000 Travel Voucher. ARV: $9,000.
EP5 {25} ; Nikon Digital SLR Camera. ARV: $529.99.
EP5 {150} ; Poler Camera Cooler Bag. ARV: $65.
EP5 {1,750} ; Aluminyze 8x10 Photo Certificate. ARV: $34.95.

EP6{5/4-5/10} Don't Just Cookout, Have a Feast :
EP6 {1} ; Omaha Steaks & Weber Package. ARV: $5,000.
EP6 {25} ; Browning Grill & Smoker. ARV: $955.
EP6 {150} ; Grillight BBQ Set. ARV: $99.95.
EP6 {1,750} ; JB's Best BBQ Sauce Pack. ARV: $18.

^^^ENTRY Limit: 1x/day, 4x via MOBILE on Mega Mobile Monday^^^

At the beginning of each Weekly Entry Period a new summer theme will be revealed along with that week's {4} featured prizes. Each day during the Weekly Entry Period you can enter the drawing for {1} of the featured prizes. You will have the option of selecting the same prize drawing or a different prize drawing each day.
^^^ENTRY Limit: one entry per person per day + Mega Mobile Monday exception: entrants entering via their mobile device on Mega Mobile Mondays: On Mondays during the Promotion Period, participants who enter via a mobile device will be automatically entered into each of the {4} featured prize drawings available for that day when they select {1} of the featured prize drawings.
*Limit one prize per person per Weekly Entry Period and one prize per person in the Second Chance Drawing, if a Second Chance Drawing is conducted.

Restrictions: 21+ US, DC smoker {exc MA, MI, and VA} *member of www.marlboro.com
Limit: 1 Per Person / Per Day +{all 4} on Mega Mobile Monday
Added: 2015-04-01
Expires: 05-10-2015 11:59 pm EST
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Category: Daily

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Enter to win the Char-Broil American Gourmet Offset Smoker. ARV $130

Restrictions: 13+ US
Limit: 1 Per Person Additional entries require 1,300 points each.
Added: 2015-04-04
Expires: 05-15-2015 11:59 pm EST
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Category: One Entry

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Enter to Win The Ultimate Beekeeping Kit from Brushy Mountain: 8-Frame Ultimate Hive Stand with Frame Perch, 8-Frame Hive Stand, 8-Frame IPM Bottom Board, 8-Frame Assembled Garden Hive Super, Empty Assembled 6-1/4 Grooved/Grooved Frames, 5-5/8 No Hook Crimp Wire Foundation, 8-Frame Metal Excluder, 8-Frame Inner Cover, 8-Frame Garden Copper Top, 8-Frame Entrance Reducer, Folding Hatless Veil, Plastic Coated Gloves, Brushy Mountain Smoker, 1-pound Premier Smoker Fuel, 10-inch Hive Tool, Frame Grip, Bee Brush, 8-Frame Escape Screen, Cold Knife, Cappings Scratcher, Multi-Use Straining System, Multi-Use Straining System Top, Multi-Use Straining System Upper Unit, Multi-Use Straining System Lower Unit, Multi-Use Straining System Screen, Plastic Gate, Cross Bar for Multi-Use Straining System, Multi-Use Nylon Filter, Compact Extractor, 5-Gallon Filtering System, 5-Gallon Bottling Unit, 600-Micron Coarse Filter, 400-Micron Medium Filter, 200-Micron Fine Filter, Plastic Gate, 5-Gallon pail Lid, Backyard Beekeeper Book, Bee Culture Subscription, English Garden Hive DVD, Online Beginner's Class CD,
Master Beekeeper Suit, Clear Vue Hat Veil Combo, and Cowhide Ventilated Glove. Total Retail Value of all Prizes (including shipping): $1,628.17

Restrictions: 18+ US
Limit: 1 Per Person
Added: 2015-04-21
Expires: 12-21-2015 11:59 PM EST
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Category: One Entry

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Daily, login to [ https://www.marlboro.com ] and go to [ https://www.marlboro.com/promo/nights-blended-blue ] to Enter to win Weekly Sweepstakes Grand Prize {6-1 per EP. Limit-1ppp*} : A $6,500 Travel Voucher and a check for $1,500. ARV: $8,000.

Enter Daily to win ^^^Weekly Entry {EP} Period Instant Win {IW} Prizes {1ppp*} ;
^^^EP1 {1,000} ; A Bottle of Louisiana Brand Hot Spots. ARV: $8.
EP1 {35} ; A Manhattan Cocktail Case. ARV: $150.
EP1 {10} ; A Weber Smoker Package. ARV: $613.
EP1 {48} ; A Louisiana Crawfish Co. $75 Gift Card. ARV: $75.
^^^EP2 {150} ; A N.O Brew Coffee Set. ARV: $29.99.
EP2 {20} ; A Fleur De Lis Wooden Cooler. ARV: $259.
EP2 {175} ; A Set of (2) Bottle Opener Pint Glasses. ARV: $24.99.
EP2 {70} ; A GSI Java Press & Arbuckles Coffee. ARV: $65.38.
^^^EP3 {20} ; A Hohner Acoustic Guitar. ARV: $220.
EP3 {200} ; A Pair of Solewood Walnut Wood Headphones. ARV: $120.
EP3 {25} ; A Garmin Nuvi GPS. ARV: $169.99.
EP3 {500} ; A Hohner Blues Harmonica. ARV: $33.99
^^^EP4 {10} ; A Canon EOS Rebel Camera. ARV: $830.00
EP4 {45} ; A Soundfreaq Bluetooth Speaker. ARV: $99.00
EP4 {250 A Set of (4) New Orleans Stone Coasters. ARV: $36.00
EP4 {260 A Kona Express Coffee Tote. ARV: $27.99
^^^EP5 {55} ; A Pair of Smith Delano Sunglasses. ARV: $80.00
EP5 {70} ; A Kelty Captain Pack. ARV: $99.00
EP5 {250} ; A Colibri Zephyr Money Clip. ARV: $65.00
EP5 {250} ; A myCharge The Amp Plus. ARV: $39.99
^^^EP6 {5} ; A Martone Cycling Bike. ARV: $1,100.00
EP6 {550} ; An HMDX Neutron Wireless Suction Speaker. ARV: $24.99
EP6 {700} ; A 15 Oz. Hot & Cold Stainless Tumbler. ARV: $12.99
EP6 {16} ; An Alligator Leather Slimfold Wallet. ARV: $249.00

^^^Limit: Each entrant may enter/play (1) time per day during the Promotion Period.
^^^Weekly Entry Periods ; EP1{4/27-5/3} EP2{5/4-5/10} EP3{5/11-5/17} EP4{5/18-5/24} EP5{5/25-5/31} EP6{6/1-6/7}
*Limit: (1) Sweepstakes Prize and (1) Instant Win Game Prize per person.

Restrictions: 21+ US, DC smoker {exc MA, MI, and VA} *member of www.marlboro.com
Limit: 1 Per Person / Per Day
Added: 2015-04-28
Expires: 06-07-2015 11:59 PM EST
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Category: Instant Win

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Enter to win a Grillling Accessories Kit contains: Cast Iron Smoker Box, Basting Mop, Non-Stick Upright Roaster, Meat Thermometer, Stainless Steel Grill Topper. ARV $110

Restrictions: 18+ US(48), Can(ex. Que)
Limit: 1 Per Person
Added: 2015-05-01
Expires: 05-08-2015 11:59 PM EST
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Category: Facebook

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Enter to win a Grilling Accessories Kit.
KIt includes: GrillPro Cast Iron Smoker Box , GrillPro Basting Mop, GrillPro Non-Stick Upright Roaster, GrillPro Meat Thermometer and GrillPro Stainless Steel Grill Topper.

Restrictions: 18+ US, Canada excludes Quebec
Limit: 1 Per Person
Added: 2015-05-03
Expires: 05-18-2015 11:59 PM EST
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Category: Facebook