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Enter to Win a Intel PIII 1 GHz Celeron System - Super Mid Tower Case 250W ATX PS, DFI CA64EC S370 ATX 5/1/1 ATA-100 Celeron PIII MB w/ Sound, Intel PIII 1 GHz Celeron CPU & Fan, 20.4 Gig 7200 RPM HD, 1.44 Floppy, 52x CDrom, 8M ATI Expert Video Card, 128M SDRam, 56k Modem, 120W Speakers, Windows XP HE, Assembled and Burnt In. * Enter quarterly. Contest ends last day of March, June, Sept, December.Only One Winning Entry Allowed Per Person/Household Per Year.  
Restrictions : N/A | Limit : *Only One Entry Allowed Per Person Per Registration period [drawings are held every three months] | Added : 01-15-09 | Expires : Ongoing | Hits : 5454 | Rules
Category : Odd Entry
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