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contestsWe always talk about sweepstakes on SA but do we talk that much about Contests? People don't realize how many different types of contests there are on the site.  Let's start by talking about the most well known types of contests.  Everybody has heard of at one time or another Baby Contests.  The Baby is born and it's the most beautiful child in the world. You can prove it.  Enter little Jimmy in the Baby Photo Contest.

How do you get started? You go to SA and look up the Photo Contest section on the main page. Right off the bat you are greeted with a few photo contests. Second one on the list is a well known one the Great American Photo Contest. OK but wait a minute you can't just mail the picture in you need a digital camera or a digital copy of the image. In the age of the Internet hardly anything is postal mail anymore. Just ask the the postal service. When you have your digital picture of little Jimmy you'll be on your way and the rest is easy.

What's That Your Not Eligible for Baby Photo Contests?

 Do you know that we have over 200 current Photo Contest right now on SA? If you are a photographer or even an amateur I am sure there is a contest here for you. Just taking a quick look at this list of over 200 photo related contests I can see all types from Pets to Homes and everything in between.  The prizes range from vacations and trips to cash and gift cards.  Not bad for snapping a photo in your leisure.  I'd also like to mention that some people are not into taking and uploading pictures for a contest entry. This is great news for you because the odds will be in your favor!

Photo Contests Not Your Thing?

If photo contests are really for you don't give up hope yet. We have many more contests that will get your attention.  Another high odds of winning contest type is essay or writing contests. You can also find categories for these on our main page. Some of these are really easy to enter. Back a few years ago my lovely wife Diane entered me into a Hungry Man Contest to explain why her man was a hungry man. I think she typed a couple paragraphs explaining in the essay not even giving it much thought that she would ever win. Couple months past and she received a $250 check in the mail.

So these writing contests are a little more effort than just filling and submitting a form but they are high reward.  I almost forgot that we also have about 90 video contests listed on SA. These may be a little more high tech than the photo contests but if you have ever made and uploaded a video to youtube before they won't be hard at all. I see one video contest listed today where the prize is a $4000 gift card. Can you use a $4000 gift card? I know I can, especially one for electronics.

In another article I'll explain about some other types of contests on Sweepstakes Advantage. Hopefully by that time a few of you will try some photo, video or writing contests and be on your way to easy prizes. If you are interested here is another article about Instant Win Sweepstakes. Good luck to all.

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