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Are you ready for Some Online Sweepstakes Wins this Weekend?


Say hello to another promising weekend full of online sweepstakes where you can get your wins! But first, we’d like to congratulate L. Roseman of Placitas, NM, our SA Kindle Fire Winner this last August. Stay tuned for the new promotion which has already started.  SA will be running an online sweepstakes each month with a different cool prize. This month we are giving away a Keurig  Coffee Machine!

Fun Wins and Relaxing Opportunities

Big winners for trip opportunities have been won recently to just a few days through the month of September. Viggy74 is our big winner taking one of the grand prizes for the Marlboro Sound of Gold. This is her biggest win so far and she is to enjoy a trip for four in a Ranch next January. The location is somewhere in western United States wherein airfare is included plus accommodations, meals, some activities and a payable check. In all, the winner is going to enjoy an $8,925 valued prize! Congratulations Viggy74!

Sarachristie was in great shock to find out that she won out of 500,000 entries in the One Million Tweets of Summer. This is also her biggest win and will get amazing prizes like a Live Nation Ultimate Access Pass (2013 National Pass), a digital camera, and a press pass. This just means that our SA member holding “The Pass” is entitled to bring a guest and access Live Nation produced concerts in participating venues in the US. This is an awesome opportunity for Sarachristie bagging this $1,350 worth of prizes.

Lwaxana, on the other hand, claimed the grand prize from the Kindle Fire Music Lovers Giveaway for a trip to Las Vegas. Lwaxana and her husband will be going on a well-deserved trip to Vegas to attend the iHeartRadio Music Festival, wherein huge performers will be showcased. The prize also includes accommodations. This win will cross out winning a trip to Las Vegas on their bucket list.

Dmm8887 is also a big winner, getting the Bud Light trip win to the UFC event. This is exactly what our SA member wished for and is happy to have gotten it. It’s Dmm8887’s first big win and deserves a big congrats!

Play Time through Online Sweepstakes Wins

Fun yet useful wins always great prizes. Detector1 won the grand prize, which was an M&M’s branded Xbox 360 4GB Console plus a Kinect Sensor and games like the Kinect Adventures game, Kinect Sports, and Kinect Sports Season Two. Our SA member is wondering though, how is it that the grand prize won is worth so much more that the other grand prize wins if the difference is only the M&M brand? Nonetheless, congratulations and enjoy your Xbox win!

Gossamer*wings is very grateful for the Summer Infant Peek Plus video monitor won from Pregnancy & Newborn magazine’s August Fabulous Free Stuff Giveaway because it will be of good use when the granddaughter arrives. The video monitor is valued at $349.

Meanwhile, another grand prize winner is P5a0497 in the Lost Treasure’s Hunt, wherein our SA member got an F4 Metal Detector from Fisher Research Labs.

There were two of our SA members who won from the Sound of Gold online sweepstakes from Marlboro, Agski and Luckyrabbit308. Our two fortunate members won a Sony® Bloggie Live™ WiFi HD Camera that is worth $249. Not bad for a win, good job with joining this sweepstakes!

Johnnyz won from She Knows but too bad his wife already claimed the win, it is a Serpent’s Kiss book and also a Nextbook Premium 8SE tablet, worth $189.

Pbcups is doing a kind gesture by giving the win from the blog, Born2impress, to a friend in need of it since they had a baby but are having some financial problems. The win was for a Kolcraft Contours Options 3 wheeler Stroller and is worth about $179. Pbcups was supposed to buy outfits for their baby, and this timely win will be of big help to them. A nice gesture, Pbcups, congratulations!

Tom58 also got a small win, an iPod Touch from the RPRA Keeps on Giving 2012 Tiered sweepstakes. Though a small win, Tom58 was very happy because he was really planning to replace the old one he has.

Meanwhile, Tatiasc1, is thrilled to have won from the Tactics Pinterest Contest since things have not being going too great for our SA member. All products in her board will be received as prizes and there were 8 items on it. Congrats and hope everything gets better for you, Tatiasc1.

How About Some Cash Wins?

Large amounts of cash and GC’s have been won these past few days. Quayzr is very excited to have won $1,000 from PCH while Angevege is thankful to have won the grand prize from EmBRAce Your Confidence Online Sweepstakes which gives our SA member a $500 GC for new lingerie.

Leightim83 was able to win a $125 GC for Tarrant County College Bookstore, a t-shirt from Atari, and a $10 cash card from Copenhagen. Sarachristie also won a $100 Home Depot gift card aside from the Live Nation win she got, while Rcjazzr claimed a $100 Target GC from the Here’s Your Chance to Play It. Win It. Share It! IW.

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