Raining Cash Prizes and Gift Cards from Sweepstakes

There are a lot of reasons to love the week and I bet you’ll agree with me when I say that sweepstakeswinning sweepstakes is always on top of that list. Congratulations to everyone who are currently rejoicing for their wins and we hope you luck continues all the way to the end of July. Good luck!

Wins That Keep You Joining Sweepstakes

One of our big winners this mid-week is silver Sweepstakes Advantage member, Bethtoons. She won from ContainerStore.Com’s Organized Teacher Giveaway which she will kindly give to her sister-in-law. The prize is a Store More card worth $1,000, something very useful as her sister-in-law is a teacher.

Meanwhile, gold SA member Mcduffy is a runner-up winner in PARADE Magazine’s The Avengers Sweepstakes wherein the win was 12,500 Wyndham Rewards points courtesy of Wyndham Rewards to use for hotel nights, event tickets, dining GC’s, shopping gift cards, and many more.

Another silver member, Kcmoviebuff had two great instant wins. First was a One Laptop Per Child XO laptop from Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks Win & Give Instant Win Game worth $220 and the other win was an Apple iPod Nano worth $120 from the Uni-Ball Instant Upgrade game, plus a pack of pens.

Heatherc94565, on the other hand, is a really happy and excited winner of a Kinect Bundle with an Xbox 360 Console and a movie ticket from an instant win sweeps, while Pszychojoe thinks this may be a start for some good luck as he was announced a winner from the Frigo 75 Bikes in 75 Days.

Free Money Flowing from Sweepstakes

Sometimes new winners are really lucky. Susansiskar is one of them for winning the grand prize from the PaperChef contest and won $250. Meanwhile, bronze SA member Lwaxana just got a prize from RewardTV $100 “Pay My Pet Care” sweepstakes for, what else, $100 as a prize! This was a great win because she is always retired and is active with an animal rescue group with her husband wherein they already have 2 dogs and more than a dozen cats at home, so she will definitely be able to use for their pets.

Gold SA member, Lamusing, is happy with the $100 Visa won from a blog contest, plus a couple more wins like another $50 Visa, plus a necklace from Underglass and coupons to use for Farm products.

Quayzr is a proud member of small but few gift card wins. In a span of a few days, he won a $50 Amazon GC from the AT&T Live Free for a Year instant win and a $25 GC from a Facebook contest, Samsung U.S. Olympic Genome Project.

On the other hand, Bstreeper won in the Budlight Amplify IW for $50 concert cash, and others like the Swiss Cheese Theory of Life book, a copy of The Trust from First Reads, numerous Sci-Fi Blu-Ray movies, and a Teas Tea coupon.

Lesley517 joined Botanic Choice’s “Win a Year’s Supply of Vitamins” Summer Sweepstakes to win a $50 Gift Certificate and also a win from HardDrive Radio, which was the new Hellyeah “Band of Brothers” CD. Meanwhile, bronze SA member Isi17 got $50 Live Nation Concert Cash from the Kelloggs Pop-Tarts Crazy Good Summer Online Sweepstakes joined recently.

Andeaestes was able to take home $25 from Bud Light Amplify Sweeps wherein the lucky winner bought a Rolling Stones shirt, Jancarr51 got a $25 GC from AAMCO, while Lisasname, Snowlady13, and Mocos619 got $10 GC’s. Lisasname bagged from Frito Lay/Dollar General a $10 GC, while Snowlady13 and Mocos619 won $10 WalMart Gift Card’s from the Seattle’s Best Coffee Red Cup Showdown.

Some More Sweepstakes Wins Bagged

JLE is one fortunate winner for bagging a gift from the Fingerprints Conde Nast contest wherein our SA member is entitled to a household item worth up to $100. JLE also won a movie ticket plus a baby t-shirt.

One4bri is loving a year’s worth of donuts won from Entenmann, which would come in 52 coupons of donuts. Jensis1 also won a treat of a bag of chips from Food Should Taste Good plus other wins like a Q-i-3 Performance Earbuds from Qmadix, a movie ticket from Moviefone, a Kinect Sensor Avatar Prop, Clash of the Dragons Diamond Pack from Kongregate and also some free product from Nikwax Waterproofing.

Swanlakemt is really happy for winning from Wrigley’s a Kinect Sports Season 2 Game worth $49.99, 2 tickets to Six Flags from the Coke sweepstakes, plus an H2O Plus Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment worth $36. Meanwhile, Grammywolf got a t-shirt from Evian plus an Igloo Dual Compartment Cooler with a price tag of $20 from Foods That Taste Good.

Small wins are still worth entering, they are fun and useful. Kelllly65 is a winner of Foam Magazine Dress Contest’s Blaque Label dress giveaway, which she is thrilled about and is waiting for anxiously. Missmichelle17 won a rare and cool win from Facebook which was a Rose Gold colored 50th Anniversary Slinky. Lokigsd on the other hand got few small wins like the book Allah’s Revenge and Growing Up Brave, plus a bottle of Pledge cleaner.

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