Space Grinders Sweepstakes are Out of this World

Space Grinders Sweepstakes

Space Grinders SweepstakesUseful kitchen accessories can often be very expensive. Whether it is an appliance or a set of dishes, you know you have to be ready to pull out some serious cash. Many on us use an assortment of tools to prepare an evening meal. But how about a grinder? Do you have one or are you in need of one? This Space Grinders Sweepstakes is looking to give away a Space Case 4 Piece Medium set of grinders. That sounds an amazingly useful prize for anyone’s kitchen! These ace quality grinders will never do you wrong.

This awesome Space Grinders Sweepstakes expires on November 9, 2013. If you are  at least 18 years of age then you can get to entering the sweep! All you have to do is follow this Space Grinders Sweepstakes link, click on the sweep, and like their Facebook page! Then you can enter, it is as simple as that! Go ahead and win yourself something ultra-cool and great quality, you deserve it!

The winners take it all

Sweepstakes Advantage senior member mocos619 won a huge win from the CJ Ellison August Fresh Fiction contest! This lucky winner  received a box loaded with 22 books (some with autographs!), CD’s, pens, bookmarks, romance trading cards and even more. This super sweeper was so excited to receive this totally fun win! It’s like a box of surprises! We’re all excited for you, mocos619, we hope you enjoy your prize!

We wish everyone participating in our sweepstakes the best of luck. Sweepstakes Advantage members are the best sweepers out there, of course. Have you seen the winners circle? We rock!  Remember to stop by our Facebook page and see what’s hot in the world of sweeps! Be sure to enter the good ones and certainly don’t miss this Space Grinders Sweepstakes. Have a great day!

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