Sweepstakes for the Long Weekend Brought to you by SA

Who is not excited for this year’s thanksgiving? Who’s not excited for the Black Friday sale? Who is not ready to spend some quality time with their families for the long weekend? This has got to be one of the most awaited times of the year. There are many things that we should be thankful for – things like still being alive, of having a peaceful election, and the like.

But before that, while half of the month has passed, we’re proud to share these awesome prizes our SA members have gathered. Congratulations to all of you. And Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Grand and Potential Prize Winners from Sweepstakes

It is not often you get an email or notice that you have won something huge and of course it is such a sight to see. There were two lucky SA members who have won great prizes from the sweepstakes they have entered. Tynec2723 was tagged with two awesome wins after years of winning small prizes, which has led our SA member to believe that everybody can win. The first was from Hess and Pepsi wherein Tynec2723 won a trip to New Orleans for the Superbowl which is valued at $11,425, while our SA member also won a &1,000 Visa card from a Wendy’s sweepstakes, plus 200,000 Delta Sky Miles from American Family.

Our other winner, or potential winner for that matter, is Auroranightowl. Our SA member received an email saying that she is a potential winner from WomansWorld magazine for the Win $1,000 PLUS a $2,500, “Start a Business Branding Essentials” Package thanks to LogoGarden.com. Auroranightowl is very excited for this plus the fact that she hasn’t gotten anything as decent as this in a long time.

Nice and Useful Wins from Sweepstakes

Even though some wins may not be that expensive, they are very useful or nice to have. Cp122578 was just named 2nd prize winner from the Dig Easy to Win contest by TinkerNation.Com/LiquidWrench for a $645 valued Yard Lovers Tool Kit with several items like a Husqvarna 2-cycle Straight Gas String Trimmer, a Troy-Bilt TB110 5.5 Ft-Lbs. Torque 21-in Gas Push Lawn Mower, a JACKSON 6 cubic feet Steel Wheelbarrow with Flat-Free Tire, Blue Hawk Short-Handle Wood Digging Shovel, BLACK & DECKER 2.4-Amp 17-in Electric Hedge Trimmer plus a Liquid Wrench product kit. This was also a timely win because their mover had given up recently so this was a great gift to her husband.

Boozoo has also just recently won a $278 Perlina tote from the Lucky Breaks, while One4bri was lucky with the re-draw in a Facebook sweepstakes because of a few who did not respond on their wins and our SA member was named the winner of an iPod Touch.

Meanwhile, Maddi8566, has recently won one in a long time, 4 tickets to Disney on Ice while Joyceb41 won a hooded shirt from CCS.COM, unfortunately they didn’t have our SA members size, so a $90 gift card was given instead to buy something win, a very nice gesture.

Other smaller wins but still nice were received by a few of our SA members. Love56 won a Fashion Show Hoodie from the Victoria’s Secret IW sweepstakes that costs around $78. Wardaddy, on the other hand got a 12 pound package, which were 12 packages plus 4 pouches in each, of Go Squeeze, something that our SA member’s family loves. Dugpenz was a winner of a Moen faucet, delivered by FedEx that came from a Moen sweepstakes by Redbookmag. Clarkmurdock is a winner of a hair care set from Carol’s Daughter which is valued $24, while SaraL2 got The Lucky One Paperback and Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack Giveaway from Woman’s Day, and Julychild97420 won 3 Curel products that cost $15 from Redbook.

Gift Cards, Great Sweepstakes Prizes

Melissa_mayfield got wins from both Dicks Sporting Goods and Citi Trends sweepstakes. A $300 Dicks Sporting Goods gift card and a $50 Citi Trends gift card were received by our lucky SA member, who hasn’t really been entering sweepstakes these days, so is very grateful for the wins.

Dshephe66, on the other hand, received the $200 Lowes GC won from Lowes Sweepstakes, and a $50 NFL GC won from the Pepsi/FritoLay Make Your Game Day Official Sweepstakes‏. Dsphephe66 is thrilled with these wins after years of giving sweepstakes a break.

Smaller values were won by other SA members. Wrcole got a $100 Wendy’s GC that came from the Coca-Cola/Wendy’s Ultimate Tailgate sweepstakes. Peg1209 won $50 from Camel, so did Catharine and Izzynsethsmom, while Pgarner9 won from the Humpoglyphics Sweepstakes, a $50 MasterCard code in Camel.Com.

Meanwhile, Fenton_s got a $25 gift card from the Shop Small Saturday sweepstakes, while Bwanas is also $25 richer plus winning a Pork Be Inspired Facebook giveaway, which means pork for dinner, and lastly, SaraL2 after winning a combo pack giveaway, also won a $25 GC from MTV.

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