Thank God it’s Friday Sweepstakes Winners

sweepstakesDoes it not change the course of the day when you realize you’ve won in a sweepstakes? I have heard of many stories here in Sweepstakes Advantage where people would totally have their days changed – the hugeness of change depends on the grandeur of the prize. Meaning, if a person wins a gift card worth $100, he feels good. But then when he realizes he has won a trip to Europe in a sweepstakes, he will feel so much better for probably a week or two! Sweepstakes does change lives for the better while also keeping us excited and alive like all the time!

As another weekend starts to excite us, let us recognize the lucky Sweepstakes Advantage members who have been so lucky this Friday.  Congratulations to all of you and have a great weekend ahead!

Gift Card Winners Reign Today’s Sweepstakes

This holiday season, gift cards are the most functional! And so our winners today feel so lucky be posting proudly on the winners’ circle.

New member, One4bri, had her first ever win today with two $50 dollar Starbucks gift cards which surprised her in the mail today. Apparently, it was from the Lia Show! On the other hand, Lovethebeach, a silver SA member, won a $500 donation from Kohl’s on behalf of her selected charity (Toys for Tots) plus $100 Kohl’s Gift Card from their Love to Give, Happy to Save Contest.

Delightful Big Sweepstakes Wins

Big winners are the luckiest.

Happy and satisfied SA member, Oldyella, just received an early Christmas gift which he is looking forward to taking advantage with his wife. He won a 7-night all-inclusive trip to Costa Rica. Feeling envious? Don’t worry, this contest is still ongoing on Facebook, so enter and you might be one of the lucky winners of a trip to your dream vacation destination!

Meanwhile, Twonewpups was just announced as the winner of Diamond Engagement Ring Facebook Sweepstakes' “Hit and Win”. Our lucky SA member just won one of the best sellers – 1.00ct.wt Diamond Engagement Ring. It was truly a great win and surely an expensive one!

Edspafford is a also big winner after bagging $5,000 from Sprayon. It was a huge amount and a useful prize! For Oldmainer74, a silver member, played and won the Alamo® Get the Gang Back Together Vacation Sweepstakes, and it was enough to make his day!

Surprise Deliveries from Sweepstakes Contests

Cathyh, just received a delivery of a cooked 12lb turkey and 8lb ham at her house. She feels lucky to have won an expensive gift and will surely enjoy it with her loved ones!

Don't forget that there are hundreds of sweepstakes you could join in a day. Make your holidays special, or just start with making your weekends great!

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