Two Sweepstakes Members Win $25K and $34K Worth of Prizes

sweepstakesIt has got to be the luckiest month for Sweepstakes Advantage, especially for members Gates2112 and Johnsnook who took home probably one of the biggest sweepstakes wins they will ever get in their life.


Unbelievable Wins for Our Sweepstakes Members

If you’re meant to travel, the signs will be there. This was what happened to Gates2112, who won two amazing prizes, both of which were travel opportunities.

The first one was winning the Duracell Powering Overtime College Basketball grand prize and taking home a “Sports Weekend” that was a trip for 4 to New York City. The whole package that amounts to $25,000 includes airfare, accommodations, tickets to sporting events, and money to spend worth $2,000.

Sweepstakes Winner Settles for the Jeep

Last time, I talked about an SA member, who told us about his win but was trying not to give away the details that nay pre-empt his win. This week, our lucky pal is now ready to reveal what he got and it was a grand prize win of the Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited contest.

SA member, Johnsnook, got a 2012 Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited plus a trip for two to a USA basketball game in Washington D.C. The prizes in all are worth $37,975. But under unfortunate circumstances, he would only be taking the Jeep which is worth $34,425. Apart from that win, he also got a few more like a $10 Amazon code, a Bic pen, a $25 Dollar Gen card, a $5 GC from KFC, and some Chobani yogurt. June was certainly a terrific month for him and his family!

More Sweepstakes Wins, More Reasons to Celebrate

We have more winners who are about to enter July with a smile.

Lnorgon just won the grand prize from the Aquafina MLB All Stars Game trip for the trip for two to the 2012 MLB ASG game in Kansas City but unfortunately cannot go because of work. In total the trip costs $3,706.

Meanwhile, a potential winner is Football0017 thrilled for being a finalist in the “Great Moments in Guy Time” contest from Ball Park Franks. It is a voting contest and hopes that SA members would help this newbie in racking up votes. The winner would get groceries for a week ($200/week) for one year and a bonus of $4,600 totalling $15,000. Though if our newbie doesn’t win, there are already prizes awaiting such as a new grill, grill tool set, and 5 coupons for free Ball Park Franks.

SA member, Lesley517, is also a proud winner who is taking home a $1,000 Visa Gift Card from P&G EverydaySolutions.Com’s Resolution Win, while Alexdg05 is very grateful and is showing appreciation for the previous win of a trip to California to watch American Idol. The trip was taken with her daughter, and though it was really great they weren’t able to maximize the 5 nights of the vacation instead opted for 3 nights, but still a very fun experience.

Dmm8887 got two wins to start the weekend and both a win for Met’s tickets. The first one was from Gulf Oil for 2 VIP tickets to the Met’s game and the other for 4 tickets to a Met’s game from Dunkin’ Donuts. This SA member is a huge fan of the Met’s and can’t wait to get into the new stadium.

Stormvikki recently won from People Stylewatch Magazine of a gift card for 7 for All Mankind for $169 jeans. She also got VIP tickets to Operation Comedy from the Facebook sweepstakes of Canadian Mist. Meanwhile, a great win for Sunnygal414 was a Gibson les Paul guitar from Monster, a win a lot of musicians would envy. Belle1989 has got a couple of good wins like cologne for Father’s Day, a pair of earrings, a Mercy Me prize package, plus a Beach bag full of goodies.

Meanwhile, Ryazmom almost deleted a win that was found in the Spam. It was from the 90 Days of Summer Facebook Sweepstakes from Pool Supply World, which was a Polaris 9300 robotic pool cleaner worth $839. Sarepta, on the other hand, got a win from TexasRoadhouse Fan Cave One-Time wherein the win is a KomadoJoe Ceramic Smoker and Grill for the weekly prize.

Jam62 had a rough night and could not sleep then started playing and finally hit a $250 GC from Tic Tac, plus a $500 Visa from the Powerade Olympic game. Quayzr is one of the big winners as well, winning a $200 Molly Maids Gift Certificate from Win a Week’s Worth of Laundry Services sweepstakes from Modern Mom. Love56 is a grateful winner in the Kraft Singles Grocery Card Giveaway of a $100 gift card.

Artlvr64 got $50 from the Bud Light IW, while Mmartin030 won a $50 Virtual Gift Card from Camel. Meanwhile, Marley815 got $50 from Live Nation and goodies from Psych Buddy, and Grammywolf won $50 Concert Cash and a Skin It mobile phone cover from Bud Light, a phone skin from Ram, a tumbler from M&Ms, plus an Oasis Hydrating Treatment from H2O. Wdwfan is also a winner of a $50 Digital Code for Live Nation concert cash or merchandise from Bud Light Amplify Your Summer.


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