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Another Splendid Week for Sweepstakes Advantage Members

It has been a great week so far for a lot of SA members who took home great prizes right here and there. Here are our happy winners in the last few days. Congratulations!
Good Times and Memories Ahead with Sweepstakes Quantumquantum is very happy to have won from the 8th Continent Looking Good Feeling Good sweepstakes wherein the win allows our SA member to become selfless and donate money for a school’s physical education program. Quantumquantum’s son’s school will be ecstatic to know that they will receive $2,500.

Meanwhile, Highclass1 has finally received the Schwinn bikes won from a sweepstakes months ago. Apart from that, our SA member just read an email stating a win from Genesis Technology for an Android Solara Tablet. This was a good day to offset all the stress our SA member was feeling recently. Tigerkitty is thrilled with her win from the Kodak Comeback Sweepstakes which she joined earlier this year. She was emailed by the administrator saying she won the Kodak EasyShare Max digital camera prize. The digital camera will be shipped as soon as she responds to them. The camera is worth $299.95, and will surely be filled with wonderful memories. Congratulations to the big winners talking about sweepstakes wins!

Prized Wins

It was a spree of big GC values given away these past few days from $500’s, $100’s down to $20 GC’s. Yammib got $500 from the Skoal sweepstakes plus a yummy candy treat of either a pack of Skittles, Starburst or LifeSavers. Football0017 also won a $500 Visa gift card from the A&W “Bear is Back” Sweepstakes on Facebook, which was the grand prize.
Missmichelle17 on the other hand won the grand prize from Fathead’s Summer Celebration sweepstakes for a $500 gift card which can be used on Fathead wall decorations. This was a timely win because her family will be moving soon and her kids will be thrilled that they could choose wall decorations for their room. Meanwhile, Venusway also won from the same sweepstakes and is entitled to a wall graphic of choice with shipping included, priced at $99.

Tom58 just turned his lucked as he won a handful of prizes starting with the small one’s like a $50 GC from Skoal, cat food from Purina, natural pain pills and the biggest one was the grand prize from the John Freida sweepstakes. The grand prize he won included hairs products, hair care appliances, and the big $400 GC. Great thing about sweepstakes is the gift card prizes.

Kmccann75 is also one of our SA members who won from Skoal which was a $100 cash card, a great prize considering a recent dry spell experienced. Meanwhile, Damnyankee2 has positivity all over, which he thinks got him to win the $50 cash card, also from the Skoal IW. Apart from that, Damnyankee won a pair of sunglasses and a music download from two other instant win sweepstakes. Janemthome won an early Christmas shopping treat with a $50 Cabella gift card won from KOA S’Mores. She also won two rolls of Scotch Blue painters tape and a pair of sunglasses. Grammywolf also bagged a couple of wins like $25 from Bud Light, a $10 Dollar General GC from Pedigree and a fancy Feast appetizer from Purina. Stormvikki also won herself $25 Concert Cash from Bud Light, while Julychild97420 got a $20 Visa prepaid card.

Practical and Fun Wins

Natalyc got her first Pinterest sweepstakes win for a pair of Toms and sunglasses but is still waiting for their reply. Hope you hear from them soon Natalyc! Johnsnook just received a FedEx deliver from Lear Capital and in it was a 1/10 Gold American Eagle coin. Apparently this coin is worth about $160 because it is a tenth of an ounce of gold. Good thing Johnsnook is planning to hold on to this for a while, who knows its value might just appreciate soon. Mmtz and Deerwalker and strut their wins from recent sweepstakes. Mmtz got a yellow colored Flex watch won from Facebook, while Deerwalker will look great with his Wayfare sunglasses from the Marlboro Chill Off the Grid Instant Win. Meanwhile, our SA members Jlhooker888 and Angie1285 can save up on their automobile expenses with the free Oil Change Jlhooker888 won from Uncle Ed’s and the gas card Angie1485’s husband won from Hershey’s. Looks like these members learned a little something about sweepstakes.

Prize packs and small instant wins are always great and find their way to practical use. Briannimal won from the Million Tweets contest for $30 worth of merchandise from Live Nation plus Uniball pens and a pair of earbuds. Pugahoy on the other hand won a Wawa Hoagiefest Prize Pack, which will come in handy real soon. Saylorgirl got a win from Women’s Health’s Win Today Sweepstakes for some Camelbak Bottles, something she is excited to have. The Kontest Killa' got a few little wins like 2 bags of Chips from Food Should Taste Good, a Hershey Superhero t-shirt and a $25 code from Macy’s. Artlvr64 is also happy with several wins like a bag of cat food from Purina and another from Pet Smart, a bag of chips, an Igloo Beach tote, and some posters and comics from Hershey’s Avengers. Meanwhile, Jancarr51 is excited for the Blue Ice Vodka Personal Martini Kit won which includes Martini glasses, a shaker, and an assortment of flavored olives and also another win from Moviephone, which was a free movie ticket. Bwanas also got something very useful, 4 packages of Bic Flex4 razors.


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