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Did you know that SA has more BHG Sweepstakes and other home type sweepstakes listed anywhere? There are 10 current BHG sweepstakes and many more from HGTV and others. The week is just getting even more exciting, especially for these SA members. Congratulations to all!

Great and Big Sweepstakes Wins

Let’s take a look at some of the big wins this weekend beginning with Oldyella who was named the winner in the Dream It Do It Flooring Sweepstakes which entitles our SA member to $2,500 toward Shaw flooring/installation and/or area rugs. Oldyella is going to start house renovations soon to be able to use this prize soon.

Venusway is a grand prize winner from The Big Buck Challenger World Champion sweepstakes for a trip win. Our SA member is very ecstatic with this win and will enjoy a trip for two to NYC which includes airfare, hotel accommodations, all access passes, and a $500 Visa gift card. This was won by our SA member through a Facebook contest and the 2nd trip win for this year.

Meanwhile, SA member, Kdh10121, joined the Coors Light Fly Away sweepstakes and resulted to a win of airfare for four, hotel accommodations, tickets to a home college football game plus $300 cash and other freebies.

Hjm81 is also a trip winner, the first of our SA member, after a few months since joining sweepstakes. The trip win constitutes of a trip to Maine for four. This was a trip win from the sweepstakes.

Other great wins were received by some of our SA members. Cougar310 won an equivalent of 2 Party Deck tickets which was to the Houston dynamo soccer game from the SMWE Shoot & Score Sweepstakes.

Faerimoon9 on the other hand found that her husband just won from the Wonka “Sweet Ride” sweepstakes. It was a $450 redemption code to Republic Bikes and was relieved that she told her husband to check his email wherein he saw the win. She actually is more excited about this win and hopes he lets her borrow it for some exercise.

Lynn50 won the Pompeian Secrets of the Mediterranean sweepstakes for an iPad win, while Mrspatterson was named the grand prize winner after joining the Watch, Win, Accelerate Giveaway wherein the prize was a Western Digital My Net N900 Central HD Dual-Band Router that is worth $179.99.

Gift Card Prizes from Sweepstakes

Szarsang is one proud member of SA because after months of trolling and never posting anything, finally, great wins have come. A few of Szarsang’s awesome wins are two $250 Spa certificates, a $250 Visa GC, a TITS Prize Pack, a Magazine subscription from Seapak, a Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia and many others, including smaller amounts of GC’s.

JamesJr is new to SA but has gathered several wins, as well. JamesJr won a $250 GC to Whole Foods, a shot glass from Do It Yourself, a sticker from Freaky Pets, then 2 Team #88 Lug Nuts from Amp Energy.

Other winners are Hotlips_121 who got a $100 Visa gift card from the Aronberg Law Facebook Sweepstakes, Mssc1985 who will receive a $50 Walgreens GC and also a bag of pet treats from Purina Trick or Treat, while BelGo bagged a $50 GC to Horchow.

There were also smaller amounts of gift cards won by our SA members like Census1, Rachwes, Angie1485, and Chai07. Census1 got several wins apart from a $20 Target Gift Card, a commemorative bottle of vinegar and prize packs from Barilla. Rachwes on the other hand was a winner from the new Target Facebook sweepstakes wherein our SA member will take home a $20 Target gift card. Dmm8887 won from the Target Halloween contest for a $20 then $30 off for Bluefly.Angie1485 won a $10 GC for any purchase from Store Wide from the LampsUSA sweepstakes, while Chai07 won a $5 Subway gift card from For more home and garden type sweepstakes check out our bhg sweepstakes list.

Soda, Movies and Much More from Sweepstakes

A few of our SA members got some Diet Pepsi or movie tickets to add to their prized winnings for the past few days. The Kontest Killa’ got the 2 Liters of Diet Pepsi, a Sandisk Hat, a vintage bottle replica of Modena Monari Federzoni Balsamic Vinegar plus a commemorative booklet and pouring cap, plus an e-movie code.

Carriemfla was a fortunate SA member for several prizes won like a win from the Purina IW game sweepstakes, her son winning first prize from Lunchables to get a Transformers Ratchet Set, the 2 Liters of Diet Pepsi, then a $10 gift card from the Lamp USA sweepstakes.

Grammywolf got the Diet Pepsi, a fleece vest, coffee mug, and a 34X02 Creation Kona Buff from 02 Creations

Meanwhile, Love56 and Kristina219 are sole winners of 2-liter Diet Pepsi’s which came as wins after a really long time. But Luckyrabbit30 is indeed lucky because of the years’ worth of Fanta won from the My Coke Rewards Instant Win Game.

The following SA members are winners of free movies. Graciousre got a movie ticket worth $10 from an IW sweepstakes, while Susansiskar got several wins apart from movie tickets like an NCAA Football game for XBox and a $25 ExxonMobil gift card from Verizon. Sammyjojr won movie tickets plus a Sorry game, some Sunmaid raisins, and a butterfly bottle opener. And finally, Boozoo was able to receive a few movie tickets, two from FX and another from Heineken, plus a prize pack from Barilla. We hope to see some new BHG sweepstakes winners from SA!

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