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PCH SweepstakesBig Wins, Great Prizes: PCH Sweepstakes


When it comes to prizes, the bigger the better! Am I right? Sweeps that have amazing prizes make us dream about the possibility of winning them someday. How could a big win change your life? Let’s talk about some of the biggest prizes we have to offer with these PCH Sweepstakes.

The first PCH Sweepstakes we have is the Instant Win Scratch Card Sweepstakes. To enter this, you can scratch off an entire online scratch card. If your numbers match any of the 3 identical prize amounts, you will win that prize! The grand prize of $10,000 will go to one lucky winner of this PCH Sweepstakes. You must be at least 18 years of age and a resident of the US, Canada, or the UK in order to win. Come back every day and see.

How would $7,000 a week change your life? PCH is hoping to make that dream a reality for a lucky winner. To enter, you must be over 18 and a resident of the US, UK or Canada. You can enter daily for a greater chance to win. A winner will be chosen on August 31, 2014, so get your entries in now! This PCH Sweepstake sis not one to miss!

Winners Winners All Around!

Sweepstakes Advantage member, juju2cat, is relishing in all of their amazing wins from April, just April! This lucky winner is receiving Patchouli soap, OPI Nail Polish, A coupon for a Dove Bar, a BIC 4 color pen, domino’s specialty chicken, M&M’s Brand M-Ball, some books, and an amazing weather radio! Congratulations on all of those very exciting wins in April. We hope that all of your good luck continues in May.

Also, we hope that the rest of our readers have a lucky month. Happy Sweeping!

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