Great Sweepstakes and More Winners

Week Getting Better Every Day in Sweepstakes

With all the things that have been going on, it’s great to know that there are always great sweepstakes and contests for us to join. Good luck everyone!

Finally, a Big Hit in Sweepstakes

It has been a long dry spell for our Super Moderator Amyshulk, getting only some coupons to fill the wins she usually gets. Our SA member has been through quite a lot first getting sick then a Trojan, which slowed her down for 2 days because it needed a clean-up, and afterwards she lost her email plus infected others with her “cooties”. Talk about a series of unfortunate events.

She was almost thought she was cursed because of the Mayan prediction, being the end of the world, not happening. After everything she’s been through, the rut is over! When she finally checked her email, lo and behold, a winning email! Our SA member finally won from the AT&T/U-verse Refer-A-Friend sweepstakes on Facebook, which entitles her to a Sony Blu ray DVD System that costs around $250.  Congratulations Amyshulk and we hope this win gets you back on track once again!

Meanwhile, another SA member experienced something similar. Our Junior Member Lolaj89 has been having an unlucky streak with only coupons and a watch that never arrived. Finally, this month gave our SA member several wins like a Hyland’s Homeopathic New Year, New You Giveaway that includes a few of their products, the Love and Toast Pomme Poivre collection, a RainTees book plus a t-shirt worth $200. Also, another win was from WomansWorldMag $200 Fragrancenet sweepstakes and a giveaway with a 6-month free membership worth $70.  Right now, Lolaj89 is aiming to win the HGTV Dream Home, so we wish her all the best!

Great Sweepstakes Goodies and Giveaways for Everyone

A few other SA members have won nice prizes and are enjoying this month’s wins. Tugboat29 was able to win a watch from the Seiko Facebook Sweepstakes, while Ves911 is thrilled to be named a winner from Big O Tires that entitles our SA member to 4 tickets to see the National Professional Bull Riders event in the weekend.

Allysonblake, on the other hand, got several new prizes this week being a winner from Celebrations at Home /Alexia Foods, as our SA members’ Pinterest board was randomly selected as winner for this sweepstakes. Allysonblake loves their products and will be getting a bunch of Alexia brand kitchen gadgets, an apron, and coupons for their products. Also, our SA member was able to get a Twix bar, pizza from Papa John’s, and a SanDisk Ultra Robot figurine.

Melk103103 has received a soda stream machine by surprise. It was delivered and it looks rather fun, according to our SA member.

Meanwhile, Mojo10346, won the Writers Space contest to get their grand prize of a tote bag. Unfortunately, the mechanics said that the first 3 responders would get the grand prize and our SA member got home late from work and wasn’t the first one to respond and will be getting another prize. It was quite puzzling for Mojo10346 and a bit unfair too.

Another winner is Meijer who won from the Shout Laundry Made Easier Sweepstakes by RightAtHome wherein our SA member got a Shout® Color Catcher® sheets package.

It was a good day for Billyjo01 who garnered several wins this week like a Pitch Perfect Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack Giveaway, a $50 Digital Visa GC, plus a $100 to Dickens and $50 to use in Bed/Bath/Beyond, and some English potatoes chips.

Meanwhile, a $100 GC’s were won by a few of our SA members. Dorrie0711 winning a $100 GC from Cooking Hawaiian, Nono3036 receiving a $100.00 from the Pepsi NFL Gear Sweepstakes, and Grammywolf won a $100 Home Depot GC plus a coupon for Perreridge Farm Bread and a Twix bar.

Jancarr51 has been on a drought recently but finally got a win of a Vince Camuto dress tug of war, a Scandisk Robot figurine, Purina dog food and a Twix bar, while Deepbluesea64 won from the Mrs. Wages Spring Cleaning contest, a Spring Cleaning Giveaway.

An awesome early valentines gift are roses and lucky winners are Katiesmom, who happily received the dozen long stemmed red roses from Monday Mornings and TNT sweepstakes with another win, a Rejuvasea Skin Nutrition Kit giveaway, Joe54463 also got a dozen red roses from 1-800-flowers, as well as Bourkebabe.

Cancersucks got something fun as a first place winner from the Epic Micky2 sweepstakes, which was an Epic Micky2 game for the Wii and Nintendo 3DS, while Pivotal_f got a first ever winning email for a $25 GC from Goat Milk Stuff.

Join Sweepstakes, Enjoy Pizza Prizes

A few of our SA members were proud winners of some pizza from Papa John’s while others received more than that. Kdh10121, Griffin72, Etheldaylily, Jessica1627, Carolb2, Love56, and Openmind101 will each receive their pizza from Papa John’s. Bwanas on the other hand, double the fun with some Papa John’s pizza and another from Pizza Hut.

Monidee8 also won a large sized pizza from Papa John’s together with a coupon for Thomas English muffins, and Quaker Oats ten dollars.

Mmartin030 will enjoy some pizza and a $50 e-Gift card, as Tvaughan is happy about the few wins this month like 2 books, a pizza and drink from Pepsi, and a Smash Season 1 on DVD to watch.

Tijoma won a loaf of Pepperidge Farm bread along with the Super Bowl pizza coin toss win from Papa John’s.

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