Money Giveaways and Reflection

Members are Thankful for the Sweepstakes Wins

It’s the start of another week. Some of you may be feeling ecstatic about welcoming another week while some of you may feel the stress just thinking about all the work waiting on your desk. But for the loyal sweepers, the start of the week signifies a new beginning. It signifies more contests to join and more wins to take home. Maybe even a money giveaway.

So stop feeling the stress and gear up for the wonderful surprises waiting for you at the Sweepstakes Advantage online directory. We have daily, weekly and one entry sweepstakes for you to enter. We have blog, trip, book and DVD giveaways for you to enjoy. There are a lot of reasons to smile about this week so cheer up and good luck!

A Day to Reflect all those Wins

It wouldn’t hurt to stop for a minute and thank God for all the wins you luckily have. Imagine if you were not joining any sweepstakes, would you even win that iPad? Would you go to an awesome trip to New York and pay nothing at all? In other words, we have reasons to be thankful for. Here’s an SA member who is sort of doing some reflections, looking back at all the wins he just feels lucky to have.

Our SA member, Pxdjr, loves the whole sweepstakes experience because of the recent wins received. Since August 2011, Pxdjr has been aiming to win an iPad, a trip and also a car. Fortunate for our SA member, 2 of those have already been crossed out starting with the earlier win of an iPad and now the trip.

Pxdjr came from a business trip and while waiting for the luggage at the carousel, our SA member checked emails and found the winning notification: a win from The Great Appreciation Vacation Giveaway wherein the total worth of the trip is $3,700 and includes a vacation rental for two weeks and a thousand worth in Visa GC’s in 2 $500 denominations. This is great because the gift cards could cover airfare and accommodations would be our SA members choice with the condition that it won’t exceed a certain amount. After this, Pxdjr is now waiting for the car win!

Gadget and Electronic Wins!

Gadget prizes and electronic appliances are always nice to win. First, they are very useful and second, they keep you busy with some form of entertainment or help.

Sukimoon01 joined the Bing It On Holiday Sweepstakes by Microsoft Corporation and was named first prize winner to get their “Microsoft Box of Awesome” that has a Windows 8 PC or tablet, a Windows Phone 8 with a $250 bank card that can be used for activation and service for the Windows Phone 8, a 250GB Xbox 360® console with Kinect plus a one year Xbox LIVE Gold Membership, an Xbox 360® Wireless N Networking Adapter, the “Dance Central 3” and “Kinect Sports Ultimate Collection” video games, a copy of “Forza Horizon”, a copy of Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010 software, and finally a Microsoft LifeCam Studio Webcam. The whole prize pack is worth $3,249.87.

Meanwhile, our senior member, Uksarge, won the Universal Studios Entertainment Centennial sweepstakes wherein the prize was an assortment of 50 Universal Blu-ray™ and DVD titles selected by the Sponsor. This was really awesome and the titles were really great. Uksarge was able to share the win to some friends and family and let them take it home.

Another winner is Snoop176 who joined the Lipton & Brisk Game On Promotion via text and won an Xbox 360 4 GB console with Kinect plus a month’s Xbox Live Gold membership. This was our SA members first win after a long dry spell.

Heyluee on the other hand bagged a Green Mountain Coffee Perfect Cup sweepstakes win after getting a year’s worth of Starbucks, to take home a Keurig Platinum Brewer worth $169.95. The timing of the wins was great and the brewer would make things so much easier.

Money Giveaways and Gift Card Wins


money giveawaysA few of our SA members received gift cards from different money giveaways they joined. Happy to shopping to the following SA members!

One of our junior members, Tgyancey63, won a $500 Shopping Spree to Stella McCartney Kids, which was the first win after joining two months ago.

Slyfox33 on the other hand got a $100 IKEA GC then an autographed football by Clay Matthews, and a smaller win of an Angel Tee and Lacy Panty packet from the Victoria’s Secret sweepstakes.

Meanwhile, Jlhooker888 was named the 365 Days of Beauty contest NewBeauty and was able to win the SK-II Whitening Source Brightening Derm Specialist worth $130.

Jackie314 and Laylabean are $100 richer with their sweepstakes wins. Jackie314, won from the Citizen-Soldier Sweepstakes for a $100 EA Gift Cards, while Laylabean won from the Disney Oz sweepstakes a $100 HSN GC.

Quayzr was a winner of a $50 gift card to Dick’s Sporting Goods from the Quaker Instant win sweepstakes, while One4bri got the same amount from a second prize in the Air Heads sweepstakes.

To all of our winners over the weekend, congratulations and may you take home more this week. Best of luck!

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