Sweepstakes Advantage Member Wins Garnier’s Campaign for Curls Grand Prize

Members end the month of May right after taking home back to back huge wins from various sweepstakes and contests online. We would like to congratulate our winners – though a little overdue – who had a wonderful last month. We hope everyone gets their own small or big victory. Keep sweeping!

Sweepstakes Had Her Winning Garnier Hair Products

Among the biggest winners is a Sweepstakes Advantage silver member who was chosen by Garnier to take hair products amounting to more than $1,600.

Silver member “Skylajane” could barely hide her excitement when she posted her story on the SA Forum last May 24, 2012 and shared her winning story. According to Skylajane, she received an email that confirms her grand prize win in the Garnier “Campaign for Curls” contest.

Valued at around $1,682.70, her prize package contains six (6) each of Curls Calm Down, Curl Scrunch Gel, Curl Sculpting Cream Gel, Curl Shaping Spray Gel, and Curl Construct Mousse. She also gets one (1) AMEX gift card valued at $1,500.00.

“This is my biggest win so far this year cash-wise,” a thrilled Skylajane posted on the forum right after learning about her grand prize win.

Skylajane, who joined SA in December 2009, has been a familiar name to many SA members as she seems to be bagging prizes here and there for the past months.

“That is super awesome. I just love reading your wins. What a blessing! Congratulations and enjoy this incredible win,” said SA Gold member, Tigger12.

SA Member is Potential Winner of Dell Sweepstakes

Meanwhile, another SA member has been chosen as a potential winner of a Dell XPS 13 Laptop after being picked as the grand prize winner of Dell’s “Spin and Win” contest. SA bronze member, “Selinda,” shared her story on the SA forum last May 25, 2012 and received praises from her fellow SA members.

On the other hand, another SA silver member took home a huge win on 24th of May. Skaredkat72 shared about her story of winning the first place of Mom’s the Word contest. The winner’s package included a $1,300 one-half karat diamond white heart gold necklace, a 12-month fruit of the month club from Harry and David, tower treats from Harry and David, and a $500 voucher from Folica. However, Skaredykat72 had to turn down the offer due to taxes.

“As awesome a win this is and as much as I want this, I’m going to have to turn it down due to the fact that I’d have to claim it on taxes. I figured that it would be nice to win something but I was never planning on winning first prize. But after my trip win and my TV win, and having to claim them on taxes, I certainly can’t take anymore tax debt,” a disappointed Skaredykat said in her SA forum post. Skaredykat had been an active SA member since September 2010.

Another SA bronze member was chosen as winner of the Whirlpool “Green Washer/Dryer Combo” contest. Rammstein received a lot of praises from the moment he posted his win on SA Forum. As part of his Whirlpool win, Rammstein is taking home a Whirlpool Washer, a Whirlpool Electric Dryer and a year’s supply of Purex Laundry Detergent.

Finally, another big win goes to an SA silver member under the username “Kcmoviebuff” who is taking home an iPad3 with Wi-Fi worth $699 and a $200 Verizon gift card after winning the TMZ’s iPad Tablet a Day Contest last May 30, 2012.

“That’s awesome. I’ve been trying to win an iPad for 3 years now and still haven’t. I’m even entering this one,” said Slyder044, an SA bronze member.

Another Sweeps Advantage member won a trip, and this time, the winner is heading to Las Vegas. Silver member “Briannimal,” has been chosen as one of 28 winners of a roundtrip ticket to Las Vegas, Nevada via Southwest Airlines’ Southwest.Com – Cart Commander 2.0 contest.

Sweepstakes Had Never Been so Exciting

“Once again, SA would like to congratulate all the winners of huge prizes in the last couple of weeks. We are very happy to hear stories from SA members about their wins as well as stories of hope coming from those who are yet win the right prize for them,” said Kenneth Carlos, CEO of Sweepstakes Advantage. “Just keep on sweeping and believe that someday your day to win will come.”

To provide better “advantage” to its members, SA is offering a membership upgrade called Sweepstakes Plus membership. This membership provides additional benefits to members including more comprehensive updates on new sweepstakes and other exclusive privileges.

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