Sweepstakes Search is a Winner

Sweepstakes Search at the Begining

Sweepstakes Searching has evolved over the years. In the early days of online search engines, things were simple and some search engines were also known as directories. You were also known as directories. You may remember some of these names like Lycos, Ask Jeeves or even Alta Vista. These sites no longer exist and have been replaced by major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Many of us use these search engines almost every day to look up just about everything. We search for recipes to the weather and news.

Databases like Oracle, MSSQL, and Mysql changed everything online and started making it easy to store and retrieve important info. Sweepstakes are a very time sensitive piece of information. Unlike other search results, sweepstakes listing info come and go very quickly. Some sweepstakes start and end in a week which makes it difficult for traditi

onal search engines to crawl and display this info accurately.

What Makes our Sweepstakes Search Better?

Traditional search engines really are not able to parse all the important information like expiration date and prize value for display in a way that is easy to use. Sweepstakes Advantage had to be custom built so that all this sweepstakes listing information can be submitted and displayed in a way that makes sense. We can really state that we are not just a directory but also a sweepstakes search engine. Our search is made by sweepstakes people for sweepstakes people.

Have you ever searched for specific sweepstakes on a major search engine and received inaccurate info?  Sometimes it’s a sweepstakes promotion that has expired a long time ago and other times the link in the search engines goes to the wrong page.  This can be really frustrating if you need time sensitive sweepstakes info. Wasting time means fewer sweepstakes entered and lower odds to win prizes.

Ways You Can Use Sweepstakes Search

Think about all the words in a sweepstakes promotion that you can search for that could help you win the prize you are looking for. One of the easiest things that come to mind is the prize itself. Are you looking to win a laptop? You might think that just searching Sweepstakes Advantage for the word “Laptop” would be all you need to do. Try to find even more Laptop related prizes by searching for a common computer brand name like “Asus”, “Acer” or “Dell”. Dig deeper looking for even more related prizes by searching for types of computer like “tablet”, “notebook” or “Chromebook”.

These sweepstakes search tactics can yield much more results if you just try alternative keywords. Below you will see an example of our search engine being used to find prizes.

sweepstakes search example 1

Other Things You Use Sweepstakes Search For

You can also use sweepstakes search to query other parts of Sweepstakes Advantage. For example sweepstakes search can be used to search your my sweepstakes list contents. It can also be used to search expired sweepstakes and our sweepstakes forum. All of these search methods combined will help you harness all the sweepstakes data we have. See an example of the search options below. ( Some of these options are available on Sweepstakes Plus Upgrade Plans Only )

sweepstakes search example 2

Power Sweepstakes Search

For our Sweepstakes Plus upgrade subscribers we take it even a step further with a feature called Power Sweepstakes Search.  With these powerful sweepstakes searching features you can search by expiration date, title, description or even category.  This can help you really be detailed with your searches to win the prize you are looking for. For example, you could search for all cash related sweepstakes that end today.  See an example below.


sweepstakes search example 4


We hope this helps you use our sweepstakes search engine to your advantage to win lots of prizes. The sweepstakes search can be found near the top of all our pages on Sweepstakes Advantage and Sweepstakes Plus. Sweepstakes Power Search is in the first part of the main site navigation on Sweepstakes Plus only. Good luck with your prize searches!

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