Lowes Sweepstakes are Building

Lowes Sweepstakes

Lowes has always been giving us great finds for home improvement and appliances, which is why getting gift cards for their store is just awesome. Being one of the most popular online retailers of just about everything that will help improve your home, there is surely no reason not to enter one of these online Lowes sweepstakes!

New Lowes Sweepstakes to Keep your Eyes On

HealthAction’s “American Health Sweepstakes” has already started and will end on the 17th of May. It is under the Odd Entry category and is limited to 2 entries per person. The winner will get to choose a win of either a $500 Pre-paid Gas Card, $500 pre-paid grocery card, $500 gift certificate for Amazon, or a $500 gift certificate for Home Depot or Lowes, also a $500 gift certificate for Wal-Mart or Target, and maybe an iPad or an Apple TV. All prizes to choose from are great but the Lowes GC is what you want if you are in need of things to help improve, beautify or make of use at home.

lowes sweepstakesAnother sweepstakes to consider is Family Handyman’s Daily sweepstakes called “Dig into Spring $500.00 Gift Card Giveaway”. If you are chosen the winner, you could get either a $500 GC from Home Depot, Lowes Sweepstakes, Ace Hardware or IKEA, depending on your choice. This sweepstakes will be running until the 31st of May and with a limit of an entry per day.

The Big Winner who Took Home 10k

We have a huge winner, a very lucky winner this week, our Junior member, Packan12000. Our SA member first won from the “My Coke Rewards Cedar Fair Sweepstakes” to get 4 theme park tickets and the big grand prize win came from the “Outdoor Channel Spring Fever Sweepstakes”. The grand prize was a Flagstaff Classic 620 ST folding camping trailer valued at $10,000. This is Packan12000’s biggest win ever and has brought our SA member a lot of excitement.

Home Wins and Cash for SA Members

Here are some wins for our SA members that will definitely be used at home. Openmind101 won a reverse osmosis water system through Reefland.com which is valued at over a hundred dollars, then other wins were a James Avery sterling silver bracelet and charm through the Dianne Mills giveaway, then a $50 GC from FatWallet and some books, as well. Webbers, on the other hand, won a Good Cook Nonstick Cutlery Set from Sweeps4Bloggers and an Ice Cream Maker with Toppings through the FamilyTime sweepstakes. Meanwhile, Gmacaione, won the “Good Housekeeping Hidden Valley contest” and will be able to get a panini maker, something our SA member always wanted to have but did not want to buy.

Another winner is Dmm8887 who got the grand prize through the Tyson Chicken Fry Time sweepstakes to get tickets and a gold pass with a family meal plan to Six Flags. Our SA member is thrilled with this win because they have always wanted to go to Six Flags but money has been a bit tight.

Cash and GC wins are exceptionally great wins because you can always find ways to use them. Liszka623 was at first hesitant of winning $1,000 from the Fresh Start Sweepstakes because she got the winning letter months after the sweepstakes ended plus they were asking for her SS number, so she thought it might be a scam. After receiving replies from other SA member she decided to go for it and fill up the affidavit to claim the win!


Mum2aak06, on the other hand, won from Tommy Bahama’s Mother Day Sweepstakes to get a $500 prize.

Meanwhile, Aprillucky13 has been waiting for her win of $500 from AOL Hometown Heroes when she recently received in the mail, a Visa Reward Card. When she tried activating it, the amount was $500, as well. Other SA members are thinking these are two separate wins and have been congratulating her for both. We hope they are indeed to different wins to have made your Mother’s Day more special.

Smaller denominations of GC’s were won by our other SA members. Carlpop won a $100.00 Visa gift card plus movie passes from Fandango and books from GoodReads. Sweepstakes Plus member, Jskaiser, won $100 from the members only giveaway through Sweepstakes Plus, and realizes it definitely pays to be a Sweepstakes Plus member. Jskaiser was able to get the cash quick as it was sent right away to the PayPal account and applauds Sweepstakes Plus for all their good work!

Suzyq_w also won some cash from the Hayneedle.com $50 Credit Giveaway through Womansday.com, while Dmasz91 got a $50 SpaWeek gift card plus another win, which was a wall decor whiteboard. Wrcole was a winner in the Butterfinger Fast & Furious sweepstakes to get a $50 GC, which was a great birthday present for our SA member. Snowlady13 garnered 3 wins which were $50 from Camel, a $10 McDonald’s Arch card through the MCR sweepstakes, and Star Post-It sticky notes. Jlac1130, on the other hand, got a $50 GC from O’Reilly Auto parts, the first win of the month for our SA member, while Hartno1 won from WilcoHess, which was a $50 GC.

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