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September Magazine Sweepstakes Here we Come!

September is just one of the most exciting months of the year, and in Magazine Sweepstakes, the month of September is even more special as we bring you closer to your dream destinations, dream car, dream gadgets, and all your other dream prizes. How do we do that? Well, we provide you with the latest available contests and sweeps in the country today! So brace yourself for the month of September because you might just be the next huge winner to be included in our next blog.  On SA you can find Cosmopolitan Magazine Sweepstakes, Elle Magazine Sweepstakes, ElleGirl Magazine Sweepstakes, Fitness Magazine Sweepstakes, Good Housekeeping Sweepstakes, InTouch Magazine Sweepstakes and more!

In the meantime, here is our list of end of August’s Cream of the Crop. Congratulations!

Sweepstakes Wins before the Month Ends

Wins are always lasting in our memories especially when they are big ones. Ruehlbabe925m scored a bonus win recently from the HIMYM Summer Send Off by putting a friend’s name as an entry. Apparently, that entering name got them both a grand prize trip win to either, Hawaii, Waikiki, or the Caribbean Island of Jamaica. The grand prize pack also includes roundtrip airfare, hotel accommodations and a cash prize in total of $4,200.

Meanwhile, Traviev was thrilled with the Karaoke System won through the Marlboro Sound of Gold sweepstakes being a huge Karaoke fan. The whole system was worth $249, a prize really worth it for our SA member.

Other winners were Cin99 and Jan59 wherein Cin99 was able to grab the Barrell Grill from Butterball Turkey worth $179 and Jan59 winning a 69 pound prize from Mike’s Hard Lemonade Beach Cruiser Bike sweepstakes but is still anxious of what the win is.

Winners of the Coolest Gadgets from Sweepstakes

Many of our SA members envy those who win electronic gadgets, they are prized wins plus they will surely last long and will surely be put to use. Congratulations to Spradlinmom, Sunny52, and Fordtrain for winning great gadget prizes.

Spradlinmom was able to get a Kindle from the Sundance channel, while Sunny52 was able to bag an iPod Nano from the Senekot Overnight Relief Sweepstakes, as Fordtrain was a happy winner to receive a brand new iPod Shuffle from Twizzlers.

Gift Card Prizes from Great Magazine Sweepstakes Drawings

Basketball_joan has just won the grand prize from the Long Live Imagination sweepstakes which allowed her to get two $2,500 American Express gift cards. This is a sure win as she already fulfilled all the paperwork and received confirmation of the win. Also, she was able to get a case of Kettle Chips received from the Kettle Brand 30th Birthday Giveaway she joined.

Bigdaddytim plastered a big smile on his face for winning the grand prize from the Sunoco Road to Rivalry Sweepstakes. His win includes a $500 gift card for an overnight accommodation in Boston, vouchers that can be used to redeem a pair of tickets to a professional baseball game in Boston, and a $500 Sunoco gift card for a total of a $1,100 value.

Isi17 has also won a huge amount from the Marlboro Sound of Gold Sweepstakes which entitles our SA member to a $1,000 Corporate Vacations American Express Gift of Travel Certificate. This is an awesome take home and is going to be used well.

Janlbeebo on the other hand won a $500 gift card to Shaneco jewelery store wherein our SA member is excited to buy a genuine pearl necklace plus a pearl ring with diamonds.

Priority Rewards points were won from the Holiday Inn Celebrate Your Firsts with Us Sweepstakes by two of our SA members, Pwdeb and Seahag3a, which is equivalent to a one night stay in a Holiday Inn Hotel via a $100 Holiday Inn card. Pwdeb has come with some sort of situation though, having filled up paperwork but saying it was invalid. Our SA member is waiting to hear from them and is hoping all works out as the win will be surely put to good use. Seahag3a on the other hand will be using this win to visit grandkids.

Meanwhile, taking home smaller values of gift cards are several of our SA members. Taking home $100 gift cards from the Corona Win Your Beach sweepstakes were Freedms and Gossamer*wings. Quayzr was also a winner of a hundred dollar value, a $100 VISA card to be exact from The Wild Life contest sponsored by Clorox Magazine Sweepstakes.

Dmm8887 was holding off purchasing a new pair of sunglasses from Margaritaville but really wanted to buy a pair. With the mentality of maybe winning something was able to wait a little longer, then suddenly a win for $80 to spend! Good thing our SA member was patient enough to wait.

Though even smaller amounts, our SA members Julychild97420 and The Kontest Killa’ are still happy and contented. Though it was not a direct win of Julychild97420, her adult son was the winner from Lucky Breaks Magazine Sweepstakes entitling him with a $50 gift card to for makeup. His son was kind enough to give her the win and even told her to enjoy shopping! Julychild97420 loves Lucky Breaks wins as her family has been doing well winning these contests. On the other hand, The Kontest Killa’, won several prizes like a pair of Margaritaville Hemisphere Sunglasses, a prize pack from a local contest and a Macy’s $50 Code.

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