The Giveaways Ahead

The Giveaways to Welcome the New Week Ahead

There are a lot of reasons to smile today, and you’ll find more reasons when you check out our Sweepstakes Advantage directory. There are new contests and better opportunities for you to take home those giveaways you’ve been longing for. Our members are always looking for new giveaways to enter and we'll do our best to supply all the giveaways you need.

Fulfilling Weekend Got Them Giveaways

The weekend brings more time to enter sweepstakes which eventually lead to more wins. Some of our SA members have been fortunate enough to have won great prizes before the weekend even hit. Dank57 just won recently a first ever trip package thanks to Life Magazine and Caribbean travel. The win is for a 5-night, 6-day stay in Aruba, which will be used as a honeymoon getaway for Dank57 and partner. Congratulations to you, Dank57!

Meanwhile, silver SA member Stormvikki bagged two recent giveaways, a 2nd prize win and a grand prize win. She won 2nd prize from the Elf & Emilie M contest for some small prizes like a $5 Elf e-gift card to use in plus a bigger amount of a $20 Emillie M coupon to be redeemed at For her grand prize win, she won it from the PacSun 5 Days 50 Winners Sweepstakes and is entitled to 38 pairs of women’s denim pants from the Bullhead Black Assortment. She should pick one size, though, but still a great win worth $1,881.

This day and age, people have been craving for new gadgets and tablets they can win. Lucky for our SA members Winningentry9,  Chipsok, and Pointfndr, it has been their time to win. Winningentry9 won from the Abercrombie & Fitch Back to School 2012 Promotion wherein he was able to get the 16GB Apple® iPad® tablet, which they were giving away. Chipsok on the other hand was a winner of a Samsung Galaxy 2 Tablet from Mike's Hardware. And finally, Pointfndr was happy with his win of an electronic device which was a Blu-ray Player plus movie Jaws on Blu-ray received from the Shark Week “Dive Into Prizes” Sweepstakes from Discovery Channel.

The Giveaways from your Favorite Contests

It’s always a good thing to be rewarded with money, and that goes for any amount. A few of our SA members felt they have hit the jackpot as they won GC’s that amount to more than $50. Thumbelina just received the grand prize from the Hoagie Tracker contest for $1,000 in Wawa gift cards.

Meanwhile, Angevege had a great time in creating a board for the HansgroheUSA Bathroom Dreams Pinterest that a bonus was the win of a $500 Apple GC. Fairfun1’s hubby was able to receive the $500 won from Skoal, which they thought would come at a later date but are happy so they could take their daughter to shop for school clothes and groceries. Dblu0104 has actually thought of not entering the Sears ShopYourWayRewards Sweepstakes anymore when a winning email suddenly arrived saying our SA member had scored the 500,000 SUWR Point ($500) Back to Campus Sweepstakes. Congratulations!

At this point, we are happy to announce the winner of the Sweepstakes Plus Member Giveaway, Christaandtia, who won $100 Paypal Cash. Also, Janiceneal got the same amount from the Honda Summer Clearance Event, a $100 American Express gift card.

Smaller values were also received and to name a few like Chew3167 who got an $80 Visa Card, plus a Serena Williams Tennis Package, while Emeglath was able to win several GC’s from the ACME Race Back to School giveaway of two $25 GC’s and another $10 GC.

The Giveaways Are Worth Smiling For

There has been a puzzling win from our silver SA member, Yiayia79 who had recently received a notification for a win from the year 2007. It was from USA Network’s THE STARTER WIFE Sweepstakes, few years ago wherein a gift bag worth $250 was won. Items included in the win were The Starter Wife Paperback Book, a scarf, Cashmere slippers a tank top, a yoga mat, a DVD Set, a Lauren Merkin Clutch, a
Map of L.A., and OM Flashcards. It was an unbelievable occurrence but hopefully Yiayia79 will still be able to receive the prize.

Kristina219 on the other hand got a prize pack from the Horizon Make Your Mark sweepstakes for a first prize Horizon® Organic Milk prize pack. The prize pack includes several items like a retro metal lunchbox, a reusable shopping bag, a sweatshirt, and so much more. Quayzr on the other hand received a prize from the Star Ranch Angus® beef national sweepstakes for a Party Planning Pack that came with a 3 piece BBQ set, a cooler, 4 tiki torches, a beach ball, a wading pool, plus a few $10 Star Ranch Angus beef coupons.

Beedyr is ecstatic with the Amazing ARC giveaway box from Lori's Reading Corner won for a box of books. Our SA member really enjoys readings and will have a blast with this fantastic take home as there are great titles to read.

Jlhooker888 won second prize from the Beat the Heat giveaway on Facebook which entitles our SA member to a gift bag which has Kiss products.

Congratulations to everyone and continue entering sweepstakes especially this weekend! You can find the giveaways here at SA.

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