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Twitter users love sharing about their day in quick blurbs. You can do a lot with 140 characters. It’s where the in-touch people find information by searching for hashtags. Businesses use Twitter to promote their products, services, connect with similar or related businesses and connect with their loyal fans. It’s also a popular place for businesses to share fun and exciting information about their products or services. One type of post that’s popular on Twitter is Twitter Contests. Entering is easy! All you need is a Twitter account set to public and the contest hashtag and you are good to go. And you can win fabulous prizes such as vacations, beauty products, yummy food, video games, and collectibles. Here’s a list of Twitter Contests going on right now. Enter today for your chance to win an awesome prize. Good luck!

Our Top Twitter Contests

  1. Kellogg’s The Kick It With The Pros Sweepstakes

Like most Twitter contests, this particular contest requires you to have a Twitter account set to public and use the contest’s particular hashtag. In this case the hashtag is #KickItEntry. There will be five grand prize winners chosen! Each grand prize winner will receive a 5-day and 4-night trip to see the MLS All-All Star Game in Chicago. When you win, you’ll be able to bring a guest with you on this once in a lifetime trip to make it even more exciting for you!

Enter Frequency: 10x per person/per day

Eligibility: Age is Eighteen and Older in the United States

Contest End Date: July 9, 2017

Click Here to Enter the Kellogg’s The Kick It with The Pros Sweepstakes


  1. Coors Light Pole Award Flag Giveaway

NASCAR fans and autograph collectors will absolutely love this Coors Light contest. Using their hashtag #CoorsLightPoleContest, you could win one of 36 autographed Coors Light Pole Flags. What a great way to show your NASCAR enthusiasm! The specific autograph will be a surprise but sure to be amazing! This flag is a perfect item to display in your man cave and show off to your friends when they come over on race days or to bring to one of the big NASCAR races this summer!

Enter Frequency: Once

Eligibility: Age is Twenty-one and older in the United States

Contest End Date: November 17, 2017

Click here to Enter the Coors Light Pole Award Flag Giveaway


  1. Kraft For the Love of Hot Dogs Sweepstakes

Surprise! Now you can be the star of the backyard BBQ this year with this great prize from Kraft! Twenty-five winners will be chosen in this fun and delicious hot dog filled contest. Each winner will receive a package of real Oscar Mayer hot dogs, a package of buns and assorted condiments to enjoy at home. But what could be better than an entire meal of hot dogs? How about your own visit from the Weinermobile! That’s right, the famous hot dog car will come to your cookout this summer for one full hour! Just think of all the fun you and your friends can have taking selfies with this hot ride! Just make sure to use the Kraft hashtag for this contest #FortheLoveofHotDogs – cause who doesn’t love hot dogs?

Enter Frequency: Once weekly

Eligibility: Age is Eighteen and older in the United States

Contest End Date: September 4, 2017

Click Here to Enter the Kraft For the Love of Hot Dogs Sweepstakes


Twitter contests are fun and very easy to enter with a public Twitter account and the right hashtag. Sometimes you can increase your chances by sharing the post or contest with others so be sure to double check the rules for each contest.


There are so many prizes available, you definitely won’t want to miss out! Keep checking back with us on our blog or our Twitter account often. We’re constantly updating our list of Twitter contest sweepstakes to ensure you have the most up to date selections. And of course, don’t forget, we love to hear when you have a win, no matter how big or small!  Let us know what you won and who you shared your prize with. Be sure to tag us on Twitter @SweepsAdvantage or visit our Winner’s Circle! Good luck!

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