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Like us on Facebook, then Enter to win a Food Preparation Loadout worth $500. Loadout Includes:

Exotac titanLIGHT™ (Blaze Orange),

Exotac fireROD™ (Blaze Orange),

Exotac quickLIGHT™,

Exotac tinderTIN™ Fatwood Splinters,

Exotac candleTIN™ Hot Burn Large,

Pathfinder Trail Pro Cook Set (Supplied by Self Reliance Outfitters),

Pathfinder Deluxe Pocket Hunter Kit (Supplied by Self Reliance Outfitters),

Pathfinder Three Piece Take Down Arrows ( Supplied by Self Reliance Outfitters),

MoraKniv Kansbol (Supplied by Industrial Rev),

Esbit Foldable Titanium Fork, Spoon and Knife (Supplied by Industrial Rev),

Light My Fire SpiceBox (Supplied by Industrial Rev),

UCO Gear Mini Flatpack Grill (Supplied by Industrial Rev),

Black Scout Survival Fishing Kit (Supplied by Black Scout Survival),

Black Scout Survival Black Out Patch (Supplied by Black Scout Survival),

Black Scout Survival Bic Lighter (Supplied by Black Scout Survival),

Military Speedhook™ - 2 pk (Supplied by Go Prepared Survival),

Thompson Survival Snare Kit - 2 pk,

P-51 - 2 pk.

Restrictions: 18+ US
Limit: 1 Per Person
Added: 11-13-2017
Expires: 11-30-2017 11:59 PM EST
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Enter to Win Agatha Christie: A Mysterious life by Laura Thompson. It has been one hundred years since Agatha Christie wrote her first novel and created the formidable detective Hercule Poirot. Christie’s books still sell over four million copies each year—more than thirty years after her death—and it shows no signs of slowing.

Restrictions: No Age Restriction US
Limit: 1 Per Person
Added: 10-29-2017
Expires: 11-28-2017 11:59 PM EST
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