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Enter to win a Sensory Bubble Tower. With a nearly 4 ft tall water bubble tube, 10 fake swimming tropical fish, and a 20-color option remote control, the SensoryMoon Bubble Tower Floor Lamp is the BEST gift you can give. $200 Value

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Added: 11-06-2017
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Enter to win a copy of The Shepherd. In the beginning, before the world was made, the Lord Jesus lived in heaven. He lived in that happy place with God. Then God made the world. He told the hills to come up out of the earth, and the seas to run down into the deep places which He had made for them. He made the grass, the trees, and all the pretty flowers. He put the sun, the moon, and the stars in the sky. He filled the water with swimming fish, the air with flying birds, and the dry land with walking and creeping animals. And then He said, "Let Us make man." Who were meant by "Us"? Who was with God when He made the world? It was Jesus.

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