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Enter to Win Prince Ezrick and the Morpheäs Curse by Jordan McMakin. 13-year-old Prince Ezrick of Urkeneye can’t stay out of trouble. From horseback riding through the Dungeons to his frowned-upon friendship with the servant-girl, and his recent expulsion from school (the one joy that made life bearable), his life’s a royal mess. His cold stepmother and unloving father further fuel his misery, and after an especially awful incident, Ezrick flees to join a colorful camp of travelers called Vagaries. What follows is a journey across kingdoms, where he discovers exciting new freedom, friendship, and adventure. But fun is fleeting, and being a royal runaway ushers Ezrick down a dark path of telling lies at every turn. Only, he’s not the only one with secrets. Something evil is afoot, threatening all realms, and as Ezrick pieces together the chilling mystery surrounding his kingdom and Morpheäs, he realizes the troubles he left behind were merely a whisper of the nightmare ahead. . . .

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