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Enter to win an autographed copy of IN THE SHADOW OF THE LIGHTHOUSE. Someone is trying to kill Olivia Bentley . . . but who? And why?

Olivia’s life has been filled with deception and tragedy. On the outside, she lives a lavish life that most people would envy. But underneath she is haunted, knowing she is responsible for the death of her family. After a disastrous marriage ends, Olivia is determined to build a new life.

Restrictions: 18+ US
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Enter to Win Walking Patagonia: The Way by Caspian Ray. Caspian Ray takes another adventure to South America, and this time he wants to walk across the entire continent. He has two buddies, but soon things begin to fall apart. Nothing was as they had imagined. Caspian is soon alone, but he meets many awesome individuals and has the most hilarious of adventures. Adventures in Argentina that lead him to diplomats, to Ted Turner’s property, and to become a spy. Adventures that lead him to love and to marriage.

Restrictions: No Age Restriction US, Canada, UK
Limit: 1 Per Person
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