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Enter to Win Strutting and Fretting by Kevin McKeon. Fresh out of acting school, Bob lands a great job at a major repertory theatre on the California coast. But instead of relishing his success, Bob is preoccupied with doubts about his talent, his life choices and his future. And his wife has left him. And he's broke. But hey - four months of solid work is something, right? Maybe, just maybe, Bob can turn his life around over the summer - and perhaps be invited to keep his job in the fall. But it may take a resolve and a determination that Bob does not, at this point in his life, have an abundance of: "Who am I to think I can do this? My marriage is failing, my tenure in the Ivory Tower of Education is over and my MFA degree is really a great credential for a career in fast food. What does it matter to the deep fryer guy that I've done the definitive Macbeth at age 24?" Make something happen, Bob. October is bearing down fast.

Restrictions: No Age Restriction US
Limit: 1 Per Person
Added: 10-27-2017
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Enter to win a copy of A Dress The Color Of The Sky. Hollywood knocked at author Jennifer Irwin's door to buy the film rights to her novel "A Dress The Color Of The Sky" before she had signed a contract with a publisher. You'll know why when you read the story of Prudence, who has been numbing the pain in her life with random sexual encounters. Her marriage to cold, self-centered Nick is, not surprisingly, on the rocks. But after several dangerous experiences with strangers, Prudence finally realizes that she needs therapy to stop her self-destructive behavior, and so she checks into the Serenity Hills rehab center.

Restrictions: 18+ US
Limit: 1 Per Person / Per Day
Added: 11-19-2017
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Enter to Win We've teamed up with Shropshire Petals to offer one lucky reader a confetti package, worth over £160.
Mark the celebration of your marriage with a beautiful confetti moment using natural petal confetti. Let guests take a handful and shower you with delicate petals for a magical confetti moment.

Restrictions: 18+ UK Only
Limit: 1 Per Person
Added: 11-14-2017
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